Best Corded Electric String Trimmer

It’s simple to maintain the boundaries of your yard or garden using a string trimmer. These vehicles are capable of going where a lawnmower could not. Here are our top selections for the best corded electric string trimmer.

What is a String Trimmer?

String trimmers are true to their name; they use a spool of string to cut your grass at great speed. You may mistake them with “edgers,” which are used to trim the area between your lawn and your valued flowerbeds, but they’re not the same thing at all.

The String Trimmer’s Purpose

A string trimmer may seem to be a less effective method of cutting the grass at first glance. Cutting grass near barriers, borders, or steep inclines is easier with this tool than with a lawnmower.

If you’ve ever mowed the grass, a fence or mulch pile is tough to cut near to. Your lawn mower’s blades will be damaged if you don’t clean up after yourself. A string trimmer fills this void. I also like to use a clipper rather than a heavy mower to mow my sloped landscape.

While corded electrical string trimmers could also be used for edgers, the greatest ones are capable of doing both. This entails making adjustments to your grass to trim the edges neatly.

Ensure your cutter can perform both if you care about neatly trimmed garden margins since not all brands can.

Electric or Gas Trimmer

After a while of filling up a tank each time I decided to use one of my gas-powered lawn equipment, I gave up the practice.

Because my grass is difficult to mow due to its many twists and turns and high inclination, I invested in a string trimmer. Grass and edge trimming do not use a lot of electricity, after all.

It seems out that there’s not a lot of information available. The power of electric trimmers isn’t a problem since they can handle the ordinary grass and weeds you’ll see in the garden. Because they don’t have a gas-powered engine and a full fuel tank, they are substantially lighter, allowing you to travel for longer.

Electric trimmers also save you a lot of money on gasoline, which should be obvious. The apparent disadvantage is that you’ll have to lug along a power cable, but this isn’t a problem since cord retention technologies make it almost invisible.

A gas-powered string cutter does not make sense in this situation.

Using Your String Trimmer Safely

All the motion takes place below the blade while using a string trimmer. For most people, the greatest danger is accidentally catching their foot, an ornament, or their beloved flower bed in the blades.

Fortunately, the built-in flower protectors on most string trimmers eliminate this danger. Wearing flip flops is a no-no since even thread may pierce the skin at some of these speeds, so it’s best to avoid them altogether.

Best Corded Electric String Trimmer

1. Corded String Trimmer Greenworks 18-Inch 10 Amplifier

best corded electric string trimmer

With a 10-Amp motor, this Greenworks trimmer pretends to be a hedge trimmer. Still, it’ll take care of any roots or stubborn weeds lurking underneath your overgrown grass in no time. You may anticipate the price of this trimmer to go up because of its powerful engine, but that isn’t the case.

You may connect any additional equipment to the base of the poles, even if it’s from a different manufacturer. This device might save a lot of money and storage space in the long term, thanks to its hedge trimmer, blowers, and edger accessories.

A D-ring is attached to the body, making it simpler to maneuver than other versions I’ve seen. But then, at 9.9 pounds, it’s also about twice the weight of many other trimmers I’ve looked at, so you’ll need that grip to retain control of the machine. Even after tightening the bolt, it still doesn’t feel safe.



  • Despite how much I adore the D-ring grip, it isn’t very secure and is prone to shifting.
  • The 9.9-pound weight of this trimmer is the price you have to pay for a long-lasting steel shaft and a 10-amp motor.
  • Compared to other triggers, this one was a little more difficult to press. You won’t notice at first, but you will after an hour of using it.

2: Electric String Trimmer/Edger WORX WG119 15″

You may change the WORX WG119 into an edger with one click of the switch, operated by a 5.5-Amp motor. It is possible to fold the flower defense back if something gets in the way of your progress. In addition, there is a dual-line auto-feed mechanism that keeps the string moving.

The one thing I didn’t like about the dual-line functionality was how quickly it consumed the first spool of thread. The WORX has a cord retention mechanism like any other decent trimmer. Unfortunately, the slot-based design is sometimes too narrow to accommodate bigger wires. Still, it isn’t an issue here, thanks to the hook-based design.

The trimmer weighs 6.5 pounds, around the typical weight of trimmers of this size. There is no need to worry about weight differences across models, save for the Greenworks model. The tool’s weight also plays a role in how easily you can use it. Fortunately, this trimmer has a D-ring grip that makes precise work a breeze.


  • When not in use, the Pros Flower guard may be folded away.
  • In a matter of seconds, this string trimmer transforms into an edger, allowing you to remove those pesky overhang blades of grass.
  • If you’re looking for a lightweight trimmer, this one weighs half as much as our top recommendation, the Greenworks trimmer, at 6.5 pounds.


  • Unlike Greenworks, you are unable to add any further attachments.
  • Dual-line features may chew up your string far quicker than a single-line would.
  • Because of its unique dual-line characteristic, installing a new line might be problematic.
  • It includes a height adjustment option. However, there are no rotating features for accessing hard-to-reach places.

3: BLACK+DECKER 13-inch String Trimmer/Edger (ST8600)

When someone says power tools, Black+Decker is the first name that comes to mind. If you’re looking for an excellent, lightweight, and completely adjustable trimmer, go no further than this 5.35-pound model.

When you’re swinging something about, you get a true sense of the weapon’s durability. You may still identify the maximum setting uncomfortably high if you’re tall like me.

You’ll have to put this one together yourself, but it’s not a difficult task. The 5-Amp motor could handle just about everything after the different poles and shields are put together.

Just keep in mind that such a contraption eats string like it’s going out of style, in part because of the greedy auto-feed mechanism.

The only major problem I have about this string cutter is its most significant drawback… It’s a safety concern for me since the adjustable handles don’t always remain in position during trimming, which is a problem.

An issue common to trimmers is that the cord retention hole is too short.


  • Out of the box, Assembly is a breeze.
  • If you’re looking for a lightweight trimmer, this one comes in at a reasonable 5.35 pounds.
  • Allows you to maintain a consistent distance from the surface you’re cutting.
  • There is a pivot grip for getting into those hard-to-reach places, in addition to the height adjustment.


4. CRAFTSMAN CMESTA900 Electrical Powered String Trimmer 13 in.

best corded electric string trimmer

Like the Sunny Joe TRJ13STE, certain trimmers do indeed have adjustable handles. If you’re up to or down normal in height, it might wear out either back or arms very rapidly.

However, the Craftsmen CMESTA900 can be modified for various persons. You can dump your planting onto a member of the family when the temperature is terrible.

Packed by a 5-Amp engine, which is somewhat over average among budget clippers, you won’t suffer in longer grass. Yet it’s surprisingly quiet considering the added power beneath the hood.

A spinning head can also be moved because when you’re edging all around flowerbeds. Or, if you have other flowers to preserve, you may spin them toward you and protect your toes connected instead.

Trust me when I tell you that one of the most common accidents with strings clippers or trimmers is the simplicity with which you may swipe the blade right through your extension cable. Thankfully, a cable retention mechanism on this model makes it significantly less likely to happen. You’ll need to have a 2-prong extender for all of this, which isn’t provided out from the box, but these come cheap.


  • A cable hold behind the handle prevents you from cutting your extension cord instead of the grass.
  • You may vary the length of a handle. When the kids protest that they can’t do the pruning for them, you’ll have a response for them.
  • Deceptively quiet, particularly when compared to fuel trimmers.
  • Using an auto-feed system, a 13-inch cutting radius may be achieved reliably.
  • A 14-gauge extension chord won’t fit through the top grip handle since it’s too large.


  • At just short, about 7 pounds.
  • Only supports a 2-prong extension, which is tougher than the typical 3-prong kind.
  • Doesn’t existing guidelines, and although I found it straightforward, other individuals suffer harder with self-build activities.
  • Thinner strings are more susceptible to breaking than thicker ones.

Corded Electric String Trimmer of the Year

A Greenworks 18-Inch 10 Amplifier Corded String Trimmer is the apparent winner when choosing a definite winner. In addition to the connection mechanism, the competition’s 10-Amp engine is unmatched. Your yard borders have been trimmed, aren’t they? Move on to the hedges with a hedge cutter attachment attached.

Second place went to the WORX Electrical String Cutter & Edger. However, with just a 4-Amp engine, it fell short of Greenworks’ raw power.

Conclusion on Best Corded Electric String Trimmer

Electric string clippers are a better choice for the environment than gas trimmers, despite the superior power of gas trimmers. They are also light, silent, simple to use, and far less costly than other options.

Now that you know what to look for from a string trimmer, if you decide to go with a corded model, you’ll have some of the most excellent alternatives to choose from.


What are the best electric string trimmers?

  1. DEWALT 20V Brushless Strings Cutter.
  2. BLACK + DECKER inches Strings Trimmer
  3. Edger & A BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Strings Trimmer
  4. Toro 14-inch Corded Electric Trimmer/Edger.
  5. Cordless 13″ Trimmer/Edger by Worx.
  6. Makita LXT Cordless Strings Cutter
  7. Greenworks Cordless String Trimmer

What is the best brand of corded electric string trimmer?

According to our latest findings, the best corded electric string trimmer is the Amigo ST1511T Power+ String Cutter with Power load. As a recommendation for small lawns, we’ve included the WG170. 2 GT Revolutionary 20V Multiple authorities Strings Trimmer and Edger by Worx

Is using an electric line trimmer worth the effort?

Electric and battery-powered devices are excellent solutions for everyday household tasks. Using a rechargeable battery or corded line cutter instead of a petrol-powered one is a fantastic choice for those who don’t want to deal with the noise or pollutants of a gasoline-powered machine.

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