Is It Okay To Grill Under A Covered Porch or Patio?

Grilling is a popular summer activity, but many people don’t realize that grilling under a covered porch is unsafe. In this article, we’ll discuss the dangers of grill under a covered porch and explain why you should avoid doing it. We’ll also provide tips for safely grilling outdoors.

Grill Under A Covered Porch

Is It Okay To Grill Under A Covered Porch?

It is not okay to grill under a covered porch because of the dangers. The heat and smoke from grilling under a covered patio can cause serious problems. If you’ve ever wondered if it’s okay to grill under a covered patio, then you need to know the dangers of doing so.

In addition, grilling under a covered patio could cause a permanent stain to the patio cover, damage the house, and potentially cause a fire.

While grilling under a covered porch is not recommended, there are some instances where it would be acceptable. If you have a small patio with a small grill, then it may be okay to grill under a covered porch. Another instance where it is okay to grill under a covered patio is when the cover has been removed, allowing for proper ventilation.

The biggest risk of grilling under a covered patio is a house fire. Heat from the grill can and often does cause the cover to catch on fire. This is especially true in cases where the cover is made out of synthetic material.

It is important to note that grilling under a covered porch is never recommended. If you choose to grill under a covered patio, you should be extra careful to keep an eye on the grill and never leave it unattended.

Is It Safe To Grill Under An Awning?

It is okay to grill under an awning if the area is open and not blocked by anything. Without the screen, the air moves more freely.

As long as you have at least 9 feet of clearance, you may be permitted to barbecue beneath an awning (even with charcoal). Despite the fact that you can, you should nonetheless exercise utmost caution.

Burning gas and charcoal can tarnish your ceiling if left unchecked for an extended length of time. Under an awning, however, the risk of a fire igniting, spreading, or spreading quickly is significantly reduced.

Grill flames out of control are hazardous in any situation, but they become even more so when a building is in the way. Keeping a fire extinguisher and a spray water bottle nearby will help in the event of a flare-up or a spark. Even with safety precautions, grilling beneath an awning is more dangerous than grilling outside.

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Safety Tips for BBQ Grill under Covered Patio

If you prefer to grill under a covered patio, you should keep a few guidelines in mind.


Grill Under A Covered Porch

Grills make a lot of smoke. You need to make sure that you are grilling in a place with enough airflow. As the grill is cooking, the breeze needs to blow away the extra smoke or make people sick.

Fire Extinguisher

Although gas grills are unlikely to catch on fire, you should always keep an extinguisher on hand as a precaution.

High ceilings

This is since smoke may discolor ceilings and walls when it comes into contact with them. Not only that, but it will also keep your porch smelling like smoke for a longer period as well. Make sure the ceilings are at least ten feet above the ground.

Not Use Charcoal Grill

If you must grill under a porch due to rain, always utilize a gas or pellet barbecue. This is since charcoal grills have a very high potential for igniting a fire, either from embers or from grease fires, when used. This has the potential to become unmanageable.

Make Use of Grill Pad

A grill pad is a thin, flexible material. It can be used as a fire protector while grilling under an awning. The grill pad can be laid out on the ground, directly under your grill and awning structure.

Is It Safe To Grill Under A Carport?

The same restrictions apply to a metal carport to a patio or awning. Carports don’t have stained ceilings, so they’re a better alternative than awnings if that’s an issue for you. It’s an excellent area to set up camp and cook some burgers if the weather turns bad.

How Far Should A Grill Be From Your House?

Even if you choose a different location, you should ensure that your grill is far enough away from your home to avoid being a nuisance. It is recommended by the majority of grill manufacturers that you keep a minimum of two feet between you and the gas grill.

You should give both charcoal barbecues and portable propane grills even more space than you already do when cooking outside. In fact, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission suggests that you keep the grill at least 10 feet away from any standing building.

What Type of Grill Method Allow Under A Covered Patio?

There are 3 most common grilling methods.

Charcoal grill

It is never a good idea to use your charcoal grill in a relatively enclosed space, such as under a porch or a patio. Not only does charcoal stain significantly and leave a distinct aroma in its wake. But it also burns extremely fiercely when ignited.

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When it is enclosed, it begins to use more oxygen, which can be extremely dangerous for those grilling in the vicinity of the smoke source. Furthermore, because of the possibility of embers landing on your belongings. Thus, it is incredibly vital that you utilize a charcoal grill in a well-ventilated and open area when cooking with charcoal.

Gas Grill

As a result of the lack of heavy smoke, extremely high heat, and potential dangers if a fire breaks out. This may happen even in an enclosed place such as under a porch or patio. However, gas grills are safe to operate.

However, this is only applicable if sufficient ventilation and ceiling height of at least 10 feet above the ground. As a result, smoke will not be able to reach your ceilings and taint them. Aside from that, position it so that the smoke produced can be vented to the side where more air is hitting the grille.

Pellet grill

A pellet grill can be used outside on a deck or patio with proper care. A well-ventilated grilling space is required. You’ll need a lot of air movement to clear the smoke and prevent any damage.

The smoke from a pellet grill, on the other hand, should be considered. Because of this, it’s possible that your patio would smell like smoke for quite some time after the fire has been out. You should avoid doing so in a confined place because the stench can be pretty abrasive.

Where should a grill be placed on a patio?

Grill Under A Covered Porch

If you are grilling on your patio, always ensure that the grill faces somewhere that gets the most air. This will make sure that all the extra smoke is properly blown away.

If your ceiling is at least 10 feet high, make sure that the smoke has entirely cooled before it reaches the ceiling of your patio. This will make sure that the smoke doesn’t reach the ceiling.

Final Remark

While some types of grilling are permitted in enclosed places like a porch or patio, it is nevertheless recommended that you do not forward with your plans. It’s best to grill outdoors in an area with as much airflow as possible to avoid any mishaps and protect your patio or porch.

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