How To Keep Cats Off Outdoor Furniture?

Are you wondering how to keep cats off outdoor furniture?

The main reason to have outdoor furniture is to sit and enjoy the sun’s warmth. What could be better than a night out with an iced coffee and a book sitting on the cushions of your outdoor furniture and reading your favorite book? Pure bliss.

However, you realize that your precious outdoor space is used as a playground for the locals and is a place to urinate for the neighborhood cats.

If you’re a cat-lover or not, it’s a highly frustrating experience. But don’t panic. There are some things you can use to keep cats away from the cushions of your outdoor furniture.

How To Keep Cats Off Outdoor Furniture?

How To Keep Cats Off Outdoor Furniture?

1. Natural repellent using kitchen essentials

The cat is sensitive to scents, and this is the reason they’ll be urinating in your yard and around the cushions of your outdoor furniture. Cats utilize their scents to disguise the smell of other cats and thus define their territory.

However, you can assist in eliminating that undesirable behavior by injecting scents cats don’t like. Learn the reasons cats pee on beanbag chairs.

We understand that most homeowners are uncomfortable using chemical-based products in their gardens, particularly in the case of cats they own.

You can, however, make an effective cat repellent that’s harmless to wildlife and animals; however, it will keep cats away from the cushions on your outdoor furniture.

Cats don’t like the smell of vinegar, which is why it’s the ideal ingredient for your homemade repellent. You can use the spray bottle of a small size to mix one component of vinegar white, one component of water, and one portion of hand soap that is liquid.

The mix can be safely sprayed on your furniture outside, including cushions. Be aware not to apply excessively. This could result in the conditions for mold to grow inside the pillow.

In case you’re worried about staining, you could spray it on the furniture’s base as well as in random areas of the garden.

2. Liquid cat repellent

How To Keep Cats Off Outdoor Furniture

There’s such a thing called cat repellent that is professionally made available in stores.

You’ll need to use the spray frequently to get the maximum results. However, it could be a life-changing option! It is recommended to apply most liquid sprays on the surface of your outdoor cushions.

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The majority of repellents are guaranteed not to leave stains. However, it is best to confirm with the manufacturer or look up the label first, as some exceptions may be.

If you’d rather repellents that work for a more extended period for each application, consider looking at the garden granules, which can be sprinkled on top of your furniture outside to deter pets.

You can also put a handful of pellets and place them directly on the covers of cushions on your outdoor furniture.

3. Aluminum foil

Suppose you are sure that your outdoor furniture and cushions for your outdoor furniture are secure from rain and wind. You can think about putting some aluminum foil around the table or directly over the pillow.

Many cats don’t like the sound or the texture that foil provides, which is why most cats will take every precaution to stay clear of it. If your outdoor furniture is not likely to be exposed to wind, you can use the aluminum foil to deter.

Maintain a sustainable method of using it, for instance, keeping a few sheets in a bin or drawer to reuse them whenever you need to.

4. Train cats

The majority of people who don’t have cats aren’t aware that you can train them to stay clear of the sensitive areas. Suppose you do not want pets to contaminate cushions on your furniture.

The most efficient and straightforward solution is to keep an empty water bottle in the vicinity. It can be used to target cats who are sitting on the furniture.

Cats don’t want to be wet, and you can be assured it will be a while before they get wet. After a few interactions with the spray bottle, they’ll understand.

There is a disadvantage to this strategy. You’ll need to be vigilant during the initial few days to ensure that you’re able to respond in time.

To teach new habits to your cats in your neighborhood, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any feline guests!

5. Double-Sided Tape

Sticky materials, especially those that stick to their paws, annoy cats. Using double-sided tape on furniture and areas where cats are most inclined to scratch will help keep them away. The tape may leave a residue on your furniture that is hard to remove if you use this method.

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6. Place your cushions in a safe place

A majority of furniture outdoors can suffer damage over time from severe weather conditions, for instance, excessive exposure to sunlight or rainfall. If you’re looking to safeguard your investment, you need to keep it in a secure storage place.

In the ideal scenario, you’ll want to store your outdoor furniture, as well as cushions for outdoor furniture, in a dry and safe storage area during winter months, like your garden shed, for instance.

It is a good habit to put your cushions at night or when you’re not in the use of your outdoor lounge to shield your furniture from pets and other animals.

Although it’s not always the most elegant option, it’s the most effective way to shield your furniture from the weather!

7. Use a cat’s cushion

Why are humans the only ones with a couch? If you own an animal, look into adding an animal bed in your house.

There are plenty of pet pillows. A small dog bed is a great cat and will surely make your cat feel loved.

You can bring the cat’s pillow out while you’re outside to ensure that your cat can have their sofa and doesn’t have to rest on the cushions of your outdoor furniture.

Make sure to take the cat’s bed inside after you’re finished.

8. Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent

How To Keep Cats Off Outdoor Furniture

You can keep pets away from your furniture by installing motion sensor ultrasonic sound devices. Some devices make obnoxious noises that are only audible to cats and dogs. Place the device carefully at the patio’s entrance or patio’s exit. Whenever an animal approaches, the motion sensor activates.

You can install sensitive bells or wind chimes around your patio or garden as a cheaper alternative to electronic sound gadgets. Wind or small vibrations can trigger them, producing a loud sound that will scare cats away from your furniture.

Final Thought: How To Keep Cats Off Outdoor Furniture?

Furniture for outdoor living isn’t cheap. You will be extremely frustrated if cats start to damage your furniture.  By protecting your outdoor furniture from pets and the weather, you can enjoy it for years to come. Keeping your furniture in good condition can be achieved by using any of the methods we discussed

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