9 Best Commercial Weed Eater (2023)

You’ve come to the right site if you’re seeking the best commercial weed eater in the market to utilize for your lawn care company or to use at your residence. We will look at several heavy-duty weed whackers that will get the grass-eating job done quickly.

The Best Commercial Weed Eater or Trimmers Used In The Industry

A weed eater, weed-whacker, weed-whipper, or even a weed-whipper, is what you may name it depending on where you reside. These are all typical naming conventions for string trimmers used commercially.

In addition to cutting neat edges on sidewalks and trimming difficult-to-mow areas such as fence lines and patios, trimmers are also excellent for general cleanup around your beautiful yard & property.

String trimmers are available in a variety of styles, models, and combinations, and including a high-quality weed trimmer in your landscaping tool arsenal is a no-brainer.

A commercial weed eater is an ideal instrument to give your beautiful lawn and landscape the clean and modern appearance they deserve.

Throughout this analysis, we will be focusing on the best commercial weed eaters that are durable enough for the work and ideal for the homeowner searching for high-quality equipment.

1. SALEM MASTER 51.7CC Gas Powered Commercial Weed Eater

The easy-to-start, gas-powered weed eater is designed for people who need power and efficiency. The shock absorption design makes it more comfortable for the user, so they can work longer. This 51.7cc cordless 2-cycle engine cuts thru weeds faster than some other brands on the market, while still giving you enough power to cut down taller grass.


  • Easy to remove baffles
  • Ergonomic design
  • Reduce fatigue caused by vibration
  • Easy to start


  • Heavy with 24.4 pounds
best commercial weed eater

2. Husqvarna 324L 4-Cycle Gas Commercial Weed Eater

The Toro weed eater is an excellent go-to weed eater when you want professional-grade strength that is also simple to operate. The SmartTrimmer technology lowers the resistance of the starting cable, allowing for a fast and simple start-up on every occasion.

Its straight shaft shape makes trimming around shrubs and other difficult-to-reach areas much simpler, which you will like as well. Among all of the best industrial weed eaters on the market, this is the one we recommend the most.


  • a lightweight 25cc four-stroke engine.
  • Starting on time is essential.
  • A standard 18-inch cutting swath is used.
  • With 11.3 lbs, it is much lighter than other trimmers.


  • When compared to two-stroke trimmers, they have less torque.
best commercial weed eater

3. Echo GT-225 Two-Cycle Motor Gas Weed Trimmer with Curved Shaft, 21.2cc

This trimmer is lightweight and easy to use, yet it is also dependable and durable. The quick trimmer head saves both time and irritation when working on big tasks that need an extensive line.

The professional-grade GT 225 is very simple to start and manage. Yet, it is also robust enough to handle any weeds or brush you may encounter on your property.


  • a 21.2cc two-stroke engine
  • With a weight of about 10lbs, it is very portable.
  • Individuals will like the size and mobility. 5’8″ or less, with a cutting swath of 16 inches or less


  • For big expenses, the vehicle is underpowered.
  • If you have a rapid load head, you may find yourself inserting string more often
best commercial weed eater

4. Craftsman CMXGTAMD30SA 30cc 4-Cycle Gas Powered String Trimmer

Cut your lawn in less time with Craftsman Gas Powered String Trimmer. This string trimmer is designed to power through your entire yard, mowing down weeds and edging the sidewalks or driveway with its powerful 30cc 4-cycle gas engine.

The straight shaft design helps you trim close to objects, while the advanced 2-step start ensures easy operation no matter what time of day it is.


  • Easy to trim around bush with straight shaft.
  • Large cutting width
  • Adjustable handle
  • Less noise


  • It’s hard to start.
  • Vibrate while using.
best commercial weed eater

5. Greenworks Pro 80V 16-inch Cordless String Trimmer

I believe we can all agree that the battery life of electric weed eaters is a strong point. So, what’s more important: trimming & cutting for hours although inhaling fumes, or trimming for even less than an hour while taking in the scent of freshly cut grass?

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If you fall into the latter category, this weed eater is perfect for you. The good news is that this model does not have poor battery life. With this weed eater, you may keep cutting for up to 45 minutes without having to stop.

Furthermore, the brushless motor extends the machine’s life while simultaneously producing greater torque and less noise. The quietest weed eaters are my favorite kind of weed eater. 30 minutes is all it takes for the 2Ah batteries to be charged entirely.

Furthermore, the charter is equipped with an embedded cooling fan that cools the batteries immediately after use, allowing them to begin charging immediately after that. You may use the 4Ah batteries if you choose. Still, they may be too heavy for such a design, so utilizing two 2Ah batteries is a preferable alternative.


  • Battery life is excellent (45mins)
  • Exceptional strength
  • Fast charging for 2Ah batteries (30 min)
  • 16-inch cutting swath


  • Bad design

6. EGO Power+ ST1502SA String Trimmer

This ion-powered weed eater with a push-button operation will make lawn maintenance a breeze. The Power load head’s revolutionary design lets you start feeding the line and push to wind without moving your hands.

Lawn care will never be easier thanks to the advancement of the bumping feed line and the extended run time provided by the EGO batteries platform.


  • Batteries power the device.
  • Electric motor using brushless technology that is quiet.
  • Exceptional torque and power
  • The battery is compatible with more than 40 additional ego gadgets.


  • a push button to feed a string
  • 15-inch cutting swath is more compact size.

If you want to run for an extended period, you may require additional batteries.

7. Shindaiwa Trimmer 20″ (25.4cc)

Shindaiwa Trimmer 20″ 25.4cc 2 is a solid and reliable piece of equipment. Its professional 2 stroke engine and 20-inch cutting swath will allow you to do the task swiftly.


  • 20-inch cutting swath
  • Reliable 25cc 2 stroke engine.
  • Triggle throttle is easy to use.
  • Use the best winding system for your string.


  • 13.7lbs fuelled, heavier than several competitors.

8. EGO Power+ ST1524 15-in String Trimmer

Your lawn care will be simplified with the EGO Power+ push-button, ion-powered weed eater. The Powerload head’s revolutionary design lets you feed the line and press to the wind without moving your hands. Lawn care has never been easier thanks to the advancement of the bump feed line and the longer run time provided by the EGO battery platform.


  • The device is powered by batteries.
  • Brushless electric motor that is extremely quiet.
  • Torque and power are exceptional.
  • The battery is compatible with more than 40 additional ego gadgets.
  • String feed is accomplished by pressing the button.


  • A smaller cutting swath of 15 inches.
  • For longer runtime, use additional batteries.

9. Makita XRU15PT1 36V (18V X2) LXT Brushless String Trimmer

If you work in landscaping, you might want to think about getting the Makita weed-eater kit that comes with four batteries and a dual charger.

When cutting light or heavy weeds, the Automatic Torque Drive technology automatically moves from low to high speeds to help the battery last longer and give you more power. The three-speed options give you more control when cutting both light and heavy weeds.

Despite the fact that it weighs 21 pounds, some people don’t mind.


  • Longer run time
  • Overheat protection
  • Lower noise
  • Fast charging
  • Long warranty period (3 years – power tools)
  • Perfectly balanced


  • A bit heavy

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Weed Eater

There are many factors to consider while shopping for a weed trimmer, the most important of which are:

Engine Capacity

This is typically expressed in cubic centimeters, abbreviated as cc.

Traditionally, the bigger the cubic centimeters of displacement of an engine, the more power it delivers.

The Ego Electrical trimmer was a pleasant surprise to see on our list. The best in class when contrasted to other electric trimmers, whether battery-powered or corded, this trimmer is by far the finest.

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The size of the battery and the presence of brushed vs. brushless motors are the most reliable indicators of an electric trimmer’s power capabilities.

A bigger battery will be able to provide more power.

Cutting Width

The available cutting width, also known as the cutting swath, is the amount of space that your trimmer may cover in a circular motion.

An immense cutting span would be more appropriate for wider regions and need more regular care.

Configuration of the Header and String

Nothing is more aggravating than running out of twine or having a trimmer’s string feeding mechanism fail to operate as intended.

Straight shafts vs. those that are curved

The majority of persons and applications will benefit from using a straight shaft trimmer. If you are on the small side, 5 “8” or less, a shaft trimmer that is covered may be the best option for your needs.

Testing to Find the Most Effective Commercial Weed Eaters

When acquiring information on what gives each brand the greatest, a procedure must be followed. When evaluating the many brands available on the market, elimination is often used.

All save the greatest ones are retained, with the rest being discarded. Weed eaters are put through their paces in laboratories designed to look like repair shops.

Each brand is put through its paces straight out uniquely. A few of the most notable elements on the to-do list that the scientists go through are as follows:


Every weed eater is mounted on a hanger that secures the weed cutter in place while it is being used. The user begins the weed eater & depresses the throttle to its maximum capacity.

Testers are used to measure amps, revolutions per minute, and spins per minute, & all engine components are checked for horsepower when the throttle is turned up.


Each one is put through its paces over some time, with mechanical malfunctions timed and recorded.

While wear & tear are included in the durability category, the lawn service’s dependability is responsible for maintaining up with the development team on the job. This is the last stage in the testing process before going over to the review phase of the process.


String trimmers with a single purpose or multi-tools?

Trimmer cutting is regularly done with the single-purpose string. It is solely used for weeds and grass, and it is not utilized for anything else.

The string will degrade quickly and is not suitable for commercial use. Multi-tool chord trimmers can be used for various tasks and to cut through diverse terrains, and these can be used for thicker weeds and need less time to trim.

Which is good for weed eating: a gas or an electric weed eater?

It depends on the user & the amount of fat being removed. An electrical weed eater will do the job even if it’s just for a few trees around the home, and it is also less expensive.

The gas weeds eater is much more efficient when used for commercial reasons or long distances. When it gets into power, most gas grass eaters are superior. Still, electric grass eaters are coming up.

What is the best commercial weed eater on the market today?

Over 1,000 landscapers participated in a National Landscape Contractors Association study. Upon further examination, Echo industrial string trimmers were the best available on the market.

Weed Eater Chords for Trimmers that work the best

The string used in the weed eater will be debated by many as to whether it is essential. Briefly put, yes, it does. Several strings are better and last longer than others, and they are referred to as premium strings.

Wrap Up on The Best Commercial Weed Eater

Hopefully, this article will help you choose which weed eaters are the most suitable for you and any commercial company’s needs. We all know that the most efficient method of saving time is to use the most delicate commercial weed eater, which may generate more revenue.

With the help of the buyer’s manual and the list of the best strings, you can ensure that your clients get the best cut yards possible.

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