Best Lawn Mowers Under $300

It’s indeed possible to get a trustworthy lawnmower that will satisfy your lawn’s demands even you do not have the financial means to purchase a high-end mower with most of the whistle. Many manufacturers achieve a decent mix between quality and price, and we’ve compiled a list of the best lawn mowers under $300 from such brands below for your consideration.

Whether you’re searching for a strong gasoline engine or an environmentally friendly electric choice, many economical options are on our list. We have mowers suitable for large yards, small lawns, & tight places – all for less than 300 dollars.

What Is The Best Lawn Mowers Under $300?

Here is the top lawn mower under $300.

1. Snow Joe MJ502M reel mower with a 20-inch cutting width

best lawn mower under $300

It’s hard to disagree with an economical manual push reel blade. The Snow Joe MJ502M provides you with many mowers for your money if affordability is the most important consideration.

Its 20-inch cut width is ample for a rotor mower, allowing you to mow more territory with each run and complete mowing your lawn in a shorter amount of time. This mower also has a grass collector to gather clippings and two wheels for better stability and mobility on uneven terrain.

The MJ502M is also quite adaptable, and it should perform well on any grass. With nine various cutting height options ranging between 1.2 to 2.4 inches, you may customize the cut to fit the needs of your particular grass.

Its five-blade reel efficiently cuts through grass, resulting in a more nutritious cut than most electric or gas mowers produced.

While this lawnmower should be suitable for most flat, short lawns, some customers have noted that it does not perform well over uneven terrain or thick grass.

A budget-friendly alternative if your grass is relatively simple to mow. Otherwise, you may need a much more powerful (and thus more costly) mower for the job.

2. 14-inch 28-volt Sun Joe MJ401C Lawn Mower

best lawn mower under $300

MJ401C battery-powered mower by Sun Joe is No. 2 in our list of best lawn mowers for modest budgets.

This model’s 14-inch cutting breadth makes it perfect for small to medium-sized lawns. Battery life is roughly 25 minutes with one charge of its 28-volt lithium-ion battery.

The MJ401C’s ease of use is a strong selling point. It weighs only 23 pounds since it’s so compact and light. It would help if you didn’t get tired from pushing it for the whole run period of the battery.

Users have praised instant start mowers for their speed and ease of use.

The Sun Joe MJ401C is an excellent mower if you’re on a budget. Three mowing height adjustments and a 10.6-gallon back bag for collecting grass cuttings are included as extras.

3. Gas lawn mower with 132 cc from Yard Machines, 20 inch

While it may not be the most powerful mower just on the market, this 132 cc OHV model from Yard Machines is more than enough for most small to medium-sized yards and comes in at an incredible price.

In addition to being light for a gas mower, it’s also small enough to go past obstructions like trees, bushes, and flower beds.

This Yard Machinery model boasts a 20-inch cutting deck, unusually large for just a mower in this price range. To accommodate your yard’s kind of grass and how long you’ve allowed it to grow between mowings, the deck offers three height settings that you may pick from.

Because this mower does not have a mulching or bagging option, you may want to look elsewhere. It just has a chute on the side for discharging. In the end, Yard Machines’s basic gas mower for a regular residential yard is a solid choice at an excellent price.

4. Scotts Outdoors Power Tools 50620S 20-inch corded electrical lawn mower

best lawn mower under $300

The Scotts Outdoors Power Equipment 50620S is one of the best cordless electric lawn mowers for under $300. 12-amp motor, 20-inch cutting deck with single lever height adjustment from 1.5 to 4 inches are just some of the features this machine has to offer.

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The Scotts mower’s previous choice from Yard Machines features a three-in-one capacity to bag, compost, or discharge grass. Everything you need, including a 16-gallon back bag, may be found in the box.

Although this electric mower isn’t as robust as its gas equivalents, consumers have stated that it does an excellent job in small to medium-sized yards.

The mower’s wheels were also cited as an issue by reviewers. Before each usage, many recommend checking whether the wheels are securely fastened since they might come free and fall off.

However, the mower is quite simple to use due to its padded grip and a handle-mounted safety switch for the blades.

5. Corded electric lawnmower from BLACK+DECKER MM 2000

The MM2000 corded lawnmower from BLACK+DECKER, among other well and trusted brands in power equipment, does not disappoint. There are seven height adjustments from 1.5 and 4 inches on the 20-inch cutting deck and a robust 13 amp motor that starts effortlessly every time for less than $200.

For the price, this lawnmower has a lot to offer. Black+Decker’s EdgeMax design allows you to cut right up to railings or hardscapes for just a smooth edge. Another is the mower’s ability to bag, mulch, and discharge simultaneously. It’s also easy to transport and store since it folds up.

The MM2000 may be the ideal electric mower for you if you expect to mow a bunch of overgrown grass. Despite its lack of power compared to a gas engine, it can still tackle difficult or wet grass.

6. MJ403E 17-inch, 13-amp electric lawn mower by Sun Joe

The MJ403E corded mower from Sun Joe is once again on our list. Such as the BLACK+DECKER MM2000 has a strong 13-amp motor, although it is somewhat smaller, with a cutting width of 17 inches.

You’ll have to make more passes to complete mowing your lawn with this lawnmower, but it’ll also fit into narrower spaces and take up less space because of its reduced cutting width.

Additional features include a quick push-button start, a chopping deck with seven settings, mulching/rear bagging capability, and a mulching/rear bagging option. That’s about as many useful extras as you can get for the money you’re spending on a lawnmower.

ACCORDING TO REVIEWS, the MJ403E is a powerful tool that can be used by those with little muscle mass or power tool experience. Although with the corded & smaller mowing deck, this mower can handle a standard yard.

7. The TrailBlazer electric lawn mower from Remington

Although it costs $200 more than any other mower on our shortlist, Remington’s RM130 is worth every penny. Overgrown grass and steep slopes are no match for the 140 cc OHV petrol engine’s power.

The heavily loaded 7-inch front wheels & 8-inch rear wheels of this mower make it ideal for tackling uneven ground. Additionally, its deck is the broadest of our selection, making it the best choice for vast lawns.

Our best selections under $300 provide mulching, bagging, and discharging options, and the RM130 is no exception. Although this one has a SureCut blade that lifts grasses as it cuts to minimize clumping and offers you a cleaner, finer cut, it has a better mulching function.

Because of its big size & gas engine, the mower is heavier than any other recommendations. People with weaker muscle mass or stamina may not be able to use this method of home repair.

8. BLACK+DECKER BEMW472BH 15-inch 10-amp corded electrical lawn mower

Finally, we have the BEMW472BH model from BLACK+DECKER, another cordless electric lawnmower. Even while it’s smaller and less potent than the MM2000, this one is also a lot less expensive.

If you have a tiny yard that doesn’t pressure the engine, you may save some money by purchasing this model.

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An easy-to-use, ergonomic, and lightweight mower is what you get with this 10-amp, 15-inch model. Thanks to its revolutionary bike-style grip, it is comfortable and simple to maneuver for extended periods.

It has a simple push-button start like other electric mowers. Wheels with robust treads make this mower simpler to push over thick, overgrown grass.

A collecting bag for grass cuttings is included with the BEMW472BH. Grass kinds may be accommodated by the machine’s six height settings, ranging between 1 to 3 inches.

Lawnmower Types

The reeled, cord, battery-powered, and gas lawn mowers on this list represent the four most common forms of lawn equipment. For your grass, which one is the best option? However, we’re here to assist.


Lawnmowers with a manual push reel need more effort from the user since the blades rotate only when the user exerts force. They’re not too tough to employ in a tiny yard, though.

Using a reel mower can save you money, but you should be aware that mowing a big lawn for one of them may exhaust you physically.

The great news is that using a reel mower will improve the health of your lawn. They are more exact when cutting grass than other mowers, which employ hacking blades.


Most decent lawn mowers offered at this price range are electric lawnmowers with a corded power source. These are typically small and convenient. However, they can’t be used on big lawns since they must be constantly plugged in.

Lawns may also hamper the rope with rose bushes or other impediments to moving around. Because of their quiet operation and lack of emissions, corded mowers are an excellent choice for residential areas.


Unlike corded electric lawnmowers, battery-powered mowers are environmentally safe and silent, but they don’t have the same constraints as a cable. There is no upper limit on how long they can run on one charge.

Is a battery-powered lawnmower suitable for you if it takes more than 30 minutes or an hour to mow your grass?

There aren’t many battery-powered lawnmowers under $300 since they’re often the priciest. Be aware that many of these devices do not contain a battery or charger, so be sure to consider any additional expenditures in your budget.


Most gas tractors are substantially more powerful than electric mowers, making them better at cutting difficult grass and ascending inclines.

There are no space or time constraints with gas-powered mowers since they operate on gasoline. As a result, these strong gas engines need a lot of upkeep and might be difficult to move about the lawn.

You may not be able to use a gas mower if your live in an area where noise is a concern since gas-powered mowers are much noisier than electric models.

Gas engines are bad for the environment because they emit emissions.

The bottom line is that if your grass doesn’t need the additional power, an electrical lawn mower is the best option for you.


Several high-quality lawn mowers are available for less than $300, even if you’re on a tight budget.

You should be ready to find what you’re looking for in this price range, whether you’re searching for something powerful or compact and simple to use.

Although you’ll have to give up certain features to save money, the mowers on our list will meet all of your fundamental lawn care requirements.


1. What is the best brand of lawnmower?

Black+Decker & Sun Joe are two of the best lawn mower manufacturers on a budget, but which is the best overall?

2. A lawn mower’s horsepower is measured in cubic centimeters per horsepower (cc)?

140-190 cc is the typical engine size for gas-powered push mowers.

3. Is a reel lawn mower worth the investment?

Yes, if you’re prepared to put in the additional effort, reel mowers will do an excellent job of cutting your lawn. However, they generally aren’t worth the effort if you have a vast yard.

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