Best Pressure Water Gun (2023)

Pressure water gun is an accessories that provide high flow control, making them distinct compared to pressure washers. The pressure washer gun, commonly called the trigger gun, consists of the trigger mechanism and a control pin, the valve, and the extension.

You can use a pressure water gun on any surface since triggers provide precise output control.

Selecting a pressure washer involves analyzing aspects such as quick connects, the length of the wand and length, water temperature – cold or hot, PSI and GPM ratings, as well as safety features. Those elements are described in this buying a pressure washer guide.

5 Best Pressure Washers Gun Reviews

The most effective pressure water gun are as follows:-

1. Apache 99023802 4000 PSI High-Pressure Washer Gun Kit

Apache is a family business that focuses on manufacturing spare parts and accessories for power tools and trailers required around the home.

Apache 99023802 Pressure Washer Gun Kit is designed to operate with electric and gas-powered equipment. This gun is perfect for power washers with 2500 PSI and 4000 PSI pressure range. The maximum flow rate this gun can handle is seven GPM.

Its most significant feature lies in its ergonomic design. The gun’s handle coating in rubber has an ergonomic grip that allows the user to push the trigger quickly. These features enhance operation comfort, making this trigger gun suitable for use over a long period.

This Apache 9902382 Pressure Washer Gun Kit weighs 1 pound and comes with many accessories that make it practical and versatile. The kit has a spray gun, a 19-inch tool, two 3/8-inch adaptors for hoses, and five nozzle tips.

Two hose adapters change the female NTP fittings into a male metric fitting and a male Quick Disconnect plug.


  • Hose made from brass, a durable and long-lasting metal.
  • It has a safety trigger lock preventing accidental operation.
  • Extended design – Provides stability of washing while increasing the gun’s power.
  • It can withstand pressures up to 100 times higher when compared to other similar products.


  • Does not have enough trigger force.
  • Not cost-effective on the market, but it does compensate for its quality.

2. The Sooprinse Washer High-Pressure Gun

Best Pressure Water Gun

Sooprinse is a name that is a leader in the manufacture of power washers for car wash accessories. They offer high-quality products and adaptability simultaneously.

The Sooprinse Washer Gun is an ideal cleaning unit accessory with an ultimate pressure rate of 3000 PSI. This makes it suitable for light-to medium-duty residential cleaning tasks.

Its primary strength is cost-effective while maintaining its highest performance levels. Sooprinse water gun provides continuous pressure without the threat of leaks, even when used for long periods.

This Sooprinse high-pressure Washer Gun 3000 has a minimalist design that does not mean it isn’t durable and efficient. The body of the trigger gun is constructed of plastic, while the inner components are made of brass and stainless steel. Although it’s small, the gun is comfortable and is easily mounted to a modern foam cannon.

It includes five tips for nozzles. One of them is the soap nozzle tip, which uses low pressure.


  • High level of security – trigger lock that stops accidental operating.
  • Compatible with a variety of cleaning unit brands
  • Comes with the 1/4-inch quick disconnect fitting and An M22 Inlet Fitting.
  • Lightweight – Weighs only 1.15 pounds, making it more comfortable when using it.
  • Long warranty period – 3-year warranty, considering the cost.


  • Cannot use with power washers that use hot water.
  • Not compatible with high-performance cleaning equipment.

3. M MINGLE Pressure Washer Gun

Best Pressure Water Gun

M MINGLE is a famous name in pressure washers because it makes high-quality equipment that is adaptable and useful.

This pressure washer gun is a universally-designed accessory that works with various pressure washer brands. For instance, it has two M22 fittings: 14 inches and a 15-inch.

The first type of fitting allows the trigger gun to be compatible with power washers produced through Generac, Karcher, Craftsman, Simpson, Briggs & Stratton, and Ryobi.

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The second kind of fitting allows this trigger gun to be used with Sun Joe, Simoniz, MI-T-M, AR Blue, and others.

Its stands above the rest thanks to its plethora of designs. Their trigger gun has two extension wands that offer diverse applications and meet various operator requirements.

The firearm measures 8.8 inches with no rods. It is 25 inches long, with the first one is connected and up to 40 inches after the second wand is activated. Five nozzles, as well as nozzle holders, are also part of the pack.

The M MINGLE Pressure Washer Gun weighs 1.5 pounds. It is ideal for units that can produce maximum pressure at 4000 PSI.


  • Covered with rubber – durable and comfortable to hold
  • Equipped with a safety lock trigger mechanism.
  • Ergonomic design that is simple to use.
  • Has an exterior with a brass finish.


  • When used in conjunction, these wands aren’t very practical to use detergents.
  • Comes with low-quality O-rings.

4. Toolcy Pressure Washer Short Gun

Best Pressure Water Gun

You’ll love this short pistol from Toolcy if you’re looking for something compelling to tackle deep-cleaning tasks.

It can produce up to 5000 PSI, making it ideal for commercial gas pressure washers. However, if your household pressure washer allows it, there’s no reason you can’t use it at home.

The 360-degree swivel inlet design is a cool feature I feel compelled to mention. This enables the cannon to revolve freely without becoming entangled in the hoses. As a result, cleaning in hard-to-reach spots is now a breeze.

There are no issues with using hot or cold water with this pressure washer gun, which works at 300 degrees Fahrenheit!

Not to mention, it is crafted from high-quality materials. The connector and spool are made of solid brass and metal poles. It vibrates at a low frequency, thanks to its ceramic trigger. Like the interior, the exterior features chrome-plated rod support and a robust and rustproof plastic body.


  • Leaks are prevented by using a high-quality o-ring.
  • It includes five nozzles.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Swivel gun with 360-degree swivel.


  • This unit has a maximum GPM of 10.5, so it may not be compatible with domestic pressure washers.

5. Chavor High-Pressure Washer Gun

A high-pressure washer gun from Chavor will be a good option if you want something with a long spray rod. It can be used with a 5-inch rod, a 19-inch rod, a 28-inch rod, or a 35-inch rod. You can easily make a long extension by connecting a couple of the pieces, though.

This is ideal for getting into difficult-to-reach areas such as car roofs, under wheels, and reaching the top of your house’s siding, among other things.

Along with the rod attachments, this set includes five different colored nozzles. This gives you a lot of options. Change the nozzle to water flowers, pressure washes your cars, or clean the roof.

Other essential features include a maximum PSI of 500o, a flow rate of 8 GPM, and a maximum water temperature of 140 F.


  • The length can be adjusted from five to 47 inches.
  • Accessible to hard-to-reach areas.
  • The nozzles come in five colors.
  • 5000 maximum PSI


  • For this to fit your pressure washer, you may need to purchase adapters separately

Types of Pressure Water Gun

Various types of pressure washer guns are available on the market today. Without knowing all of your options, you will be unable to make an educated decision in this situation. Consider the various pressure washer guns available for purchase in the list above.

Consumer Electric

The most frequent form of electric pressure washer wand you’ll encounter is a consumer-grade one. When using an electric pressure washer, you should use this type of pressure washer gun.

Even though these options might have the lowest PSI ratings out of the options listed here, that doesn’t mean they can’t rise to a high level.

Because there are numerous lightweight electric pressure washers with high PSI ratings, spray guns designed for electric pressure washers will be compatible.

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Consumer Gas

For use with gas-powered pressure washers, you need gas-powered pressure washer guns. These are typically more durable and capable of managing more PSI than the aforementioned electric pressure washer wand.

It would be best to acquire the right wand to go with your gas-powered pressure washer. The most common use for this pressure washer is for bigger projects around the house.


Last but not least, there are pressure washer guns designed for professional or business use. These are the kinds of pressure washer guns you’ll see in car wash establishments.

They are usually rated higher PSI levels than a conventional consumer spray gun. It’s also worth noting that professionals typically choose to buy for their work.

How to Choose the Best Pressure Washer Spray Gun?

Aside from the type of gun, there are a few other key variables to consider to pick the best spray gun for your pressure washer.


Choose consumer electric if you have an electric pressure washer. If you have a gas pressure washer at home, choose consumer gas. You should have a commercial spray gun if you use a commercial gas pressure washer at work.


Some spray guns are extremely short, while others are 40 inches long. This is entirely a matter of personal taste. Because your hands aren’t near the water output, the lengthier spray cannons provide a little more finger protection. However, the shorter ones may give you more control.


The less the weight, the more maneuverable it will be. Although the guns aren’t weighty, keep this in mind, particularly if you’re already suffering from the weight of your pressure washer.


The materials used to construct your pressure washer should be long-lasting. This gives you the peace of mind to last a long time and meet all of the high-pressure demands. Looking for anything made of high-quality plastic is a good idea. Other essential materials to check for include stainless steel and brass.


PSI stands for pounds per square inch of pressure. This is one of the most crucial considerations.

Make sure you get something that matches your machine’s maximum PSI. Guns that only reach 2000 PSI won’t handle the pressure, while pressure washers can reach 2500 PSI.

Water Temperature

Some water guns are capable of handling both hot and cold water. If you frequently pressure wash with hot water, be sure you have a water gun that can handle it. These have a thicker body or grips to offer a heat-resistant handle and prevent you from burning yourself.

On that point, most pressure washer guns should be able to withstand temperatures of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit by default but double-check.


There are many spray guns lacking safety features, which can be problematic if you have curious children or pets in the house.

The safety lock is the most important safety feature you’ll find. It makes it impossible for anyone to use it unless they know how to unlock it, which will be too tough for children and dogs to figure out.

Pressure Washer Compatibility

Of course, you should double-check that the gun is compatible with your pressure washer. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to see if it mentions any specific brands. Most people will collaborate with you if you have the right connections.

Is it true that pressure washer guns are universal?

If you have the right threading and connection fittings, you can make any spray gun universal. Otherwise, you can always purchase pressure washer fittings that connect two types of connections. The basic rule is that you don’t have to match the brand of your pressure washer.

Final Remark

The information above should help you find the best pressure water gun that meets all of your needs and thoroughly cleans every surface. Remember that choosing the proper type of spray gun is critical if you want the most outstanding outcomes.

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