8 Best Outdoor Standing Fans (2023)

While wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted fans are attractive alternatives for saving space outdoors, they are always constrained by the necessity for a framework to attach them. On the other hand, the best outdoor standing fans take up a little more space but are self-contained and can reach a certain altitude without using an extra mounting item.

This type of fan is perfect for patios, decks, and any other area where you need to ventilate but do not have the space to install a permanent fan.

They also have the advantage of moving around according to where you need to refresh. Some even feature misting mechanisms, making them extremely helpful in hot weather and outdoors.

Continue reading this list of the best outdoor standing fans if this is what you are searching for.

What Is The Best Outdoor Standing Fans?

Here is the list of top outdoor standing fans.

1. Lasko 3135 Oscillating Industrial Fan

The industrial-grade Lasko 3135 model is your match if you are seeking a high-performance standing fan. Due to its good cooling capability, this heavy-duty, high-velocity fan frequently shows in auditoriums, warehouses, and other wide locations.

The height of this oscillating pedestal fan may be adjusted from 64” to 92”. The blades are 30” in length and provide large-scale circulation. When requested, the fan’s optional oscillation feature gives more coverage.

Low, medium, and high-speed options on the Lasko 3135 Oscillating Industrial Fan. The overall CFM (airflow) of the design is 7400, which is rather impressive.

As a result, the fan can circulate the best quantity of air in a short length of time, providing maximum cooling power. The fan also has a vertical tilt that can adjust.

With pull-cord controls and a 120” power line, this Lasko pedestal fan is simple to use. For safety, the fan’s motor encases. Lasko’s proprietary ‘Blue Plug’ safety is another crucial safety element of the fan.

It implies that if the fan’s socket detects a potentially dangerous electrical defect in the fan’s motor or power source, it will turn off the electric current to the fan.


  • Construction is robust.
  • The 92” silhouette is extra-high.
  • Height is adjustable.
  • Made in the United States of America
  • Grills that have been powder-coated
  • Safety features built-in
  • Airflow that oscillates
  • 3 different fan speeds


  • Pricey
  • There is no misting function.
Best Outdoor Standing Fans

2. DecoBREEZE Oscillating Outdoor Pedestal Fan

This Deco Breeze outdoor pedestal fan is not only moisture for usage in humid locations, but it also has a GFCI plug. It is made of cast metal with UV-protective paint to prevent fading.

The fan’s 18-inch head oscillates and tilts to your favorite angle, which is handy if you do not want the wind blowing straight at you. The three-speed options let you dial at your optimum pace, whether you want a gentle breeze or a strong breeze.

The fan’s height may adjust from 40 to 51 inches without tilting, and the weighted base keeps it steady in windy weather. The Deco Breeze line has a range of fan types to complement different decors, including the stylish choice displayed here, and it weighs a strong 18 pounds.

This outdoor pedestal fan is weighted for additional stability. It is pretty aesthetic, making it ideal for humid/breezy conditions. It would be an excellent addition to any pool area where children are running since it would eliminate the chance of the fan falling.

Though it is unsuitable for severe rain, it may tolerate a little splash but rusts in prolonged moisture.


  • Good for blending with any mood and décor.
  • Quiet.
  • Strong and will chill any medium-sized area.
  • Very strong and steady.


  • There is very little oscillation spam.
  • It may vibrate excessively.
Best Outdoor Standing Fans

3. Rowenta Vu551 Turbo Silence

It is one of Germany’s best engineering achievements. This device will not disappoint you if you search for a high-quality pedestal fan.

It is a good alternative for folks who do not want to have fans that make a lot of noise. The noise level ranges from 40 to 56 decibels, which is suitable even for light sleepers.

This fan can move up to 2000 cubic feet of air, perfect for an expansive room. You would not have to adjust the speed with your hands because it comes with remote control and four variable speed settings.

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It also features a refined style that can effortlessly merge into your home décor.


  • Up to 90 degrees of oscillation are possible with the fan head.
  • It is a pedestal fan with a 16-inch diameter.
  • It may adjust in height.


  • It is a pricey product.

4. Lasko 4890 Elegant Outdoor Tower Fan

As a cooling fan, tower fans are becoming increasingly popular. The majority of tower fans are intended for usage inside.

However, as the popularity of tower fans as a cooling system grows, several top-tier manufacturers are eager to offer high-quality tower fans for use outside the home.

The Lasko 4890 Outdoor Tower Fan is the best outdoor tower fan available, and it is well worth the investment. Its excellent design will provide some flair without losing durability. It has a temple lantern style and would be an incredible addition to any outdoor place with a similar theme.

This Lasko outdoor tower fan is without a doubt a work of beauty, despite its high price tag when compared to comparable tower fans. This unit builds to withstand outdoor weather, which few outdoor tower fans can achieve. It covers a Japanese-style tower that is gorgeous and stylish.

This device features an internal oscillation that will blast the air out of its holed walls in such a quiet manner that it will resemble a piece of furniture rather than a fan. It is ideal for themed rooms, patios, and yards. It makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Thanks to its attractive appeal and exceptional cooling qualities, this Lasko fan kills two birds with one stone. It is a good option if you appreciate looks as much as functionality.


  • The design is quite appealing.
  • Multifunctional
  • Bugs are kept at bay by convenient features that make them simple to operate.
  • Designed to be used outside


  • It takes a significant amount of money to invest.
Best Outdoor Standing Fans

5. Dynamic Collections Oscillating Fan With Misting Kit

The Dynamic Collections Oscillating Fan is another fantastic option for people looking for an outdoor standing fan. This Dynamic Collections Fan’s side-to-side movement helps cover a large range and cools the area faster than other versions.

Plus, by connecting the misting kit for fans, you can drop the temperature even faster and make things more comfortable. The kit is relatively small, simple to install, and can be utilized whether the fan is on or off.

Outdoor misting fans include UV-resistant, all-weather paint, and a weighted base, making them ideal for outdoor use. This model has an ETL’ Wet Listed’ safety grade and a GFCI plug. Without a doubt, one of the best outdoor standing fans available today.


  • It took minimal effort to put it together, make it work, and move it.
  • Entirely waterproof, with a CFGI plug and non-fading paint.
  • There are three strong airspeeds to choose from.


  • Adjustable neck up to 51”
  • Too loud.
Best Outdoor Standing Fans

6. Air King 9420 20-Inch Outdoor Standing Fan

Keep yourself cool with the Air King 9420 Industrial Grade Pedestal Fan. This heavy-duty fan has a 20-inch, three-blade fan head that moves a lot of air. An airflow (CFM) output of 3670 can be achieved on the fan’s highest speed setting. It’s made out of powder-coated steel.

Low, medium, and high speeds are available on the Air King 9420 Industrial Grade Pedestal Fan. There are rotary switches on the back of the fan that let you turn it on or off and choose from three different fan speeds. This industrial-grade fan has a pivoting head that enables you to direct the airflow a steel blade guard and is 26.5-inches long by 23.25-inches wide. The height of the standing fan can be changed from 54″ to 64″ inches.

To keep people safe, the Air King 9420 Industrial Grade Pedestal Fan comes with a 1/6 horsepower, ball-bearing motor. With a split capacitor, the motor can make a lot of noise but still get a lot of cool air out (62 decibels on high). For even more reach, the design comes with a 9-foot SJT power cord.

To make sure it’s safe, the Air King 9420 20-Inch Industrial Grade Pedestal Fan has been approved by ETL and OSHA. It has also been thoroughly tested to meet AMCA Standard 230-99.

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The fan also comes with a one-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects, showing Air King’s commitment to quality and how well the fan works. Because this is industrial-grade performance and quality, it’s not cheap to get it. If you want a fan that will last for a long time, you might want to spend a little more money.


  • Designed to withstand heavy use.
  • A steel guard for the blade.
  • Height is adjustable.
  • The standards used are industrial-grade.
  • Tested extensively per AMCA standards.
  • Product warranty of one year.


  • Pricey.
  • Oscillating function not available.
  • Missing misting function.

7. Klarstein Silent Storm Pedestal Fan

Klarstein is a fan that stands on its own. It’s perfect for any outdoor occasion, whether you’re at a concert, at the beach, or just relaxing in your backyard.

With 5 different operating modes and 12 different speeds, you’ll be able to find the perfect setting for any situation. With an intuitive LCD display, you’ll be able to navigate and change settings with ease and without getting lost in a bunch of menus.


  • Strong airflow
  • Adjustable height
  • Many functions
  • Energy saving
  • Quiet operation
  • Have remote control


  • Fan auto shut down even the timer not on

8. Maxx Air 20″ Outdoor Standing Fan

Maxx Air is the perfect outdoor fan for your patio, deck, or porch. It’s weather-resistant and has a durable metal frame that will last for years. The 3-speed function and 5 blade system will keep you cool on hot days.


  • Durable
  • Adjustable tilt
  • Safety compliance for outdoor use


  • Too loud

Thing You Need To Consider When Buying An Outdoor Standing Fans

Here is a rundown of the many aspects to consider when choosing a pedestal fan!


If you frequently forget to switch off your fan, a pedestal fan with a timer option is always a better choice. Furthermore, if you do not want the fan to run all night, it can help you save electricity.

Fans with limited capability of 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, or even up to 8 hours are available. If you don’t need the timer, it’s advisable not to spend too much money on a fan with this feature.

Directional Or Fixed

The fixed head function will suffice if you purchase a fan for a tiny space that requires spot cooling. On the other hand, the directional head is better if you use the pedestal fan in a room with other people.

It’s ideal for a bigger space since the tilt-back, and oscillating function allows you to direct the indoor air in different directions.

Silent Operation

It considers pretty quiet when the sound level is less than 60 dB. The position in which you want to put the fan will influence whether it is noisy and interrupt your daily activities.

You can choose the conventional ones with lower decibels unless you’re a light sleeper or acquire the study room fan.

Adjustable Height

Modern fans come with an adjustable height function that allows you to modify the height to fit the region you wish to target.

To circulate the air in the right area, you may move the stand up and down. Furthermore, we recommend that you keep an eye out for this component because it is helpful.

Remote Control

You will discover versions with remote control, much like the programmable timer, which is a bonus for pedestal fans. It is convenient to have a remote control for controlling the fan.

However, if you prefer manual interaction to utilize the remote control, you should avoid purchasing a fan with this function. Furthermore, remote-controlled fans are more costly.


After all, the selection of outdoor patio fans will most likely be based on personal preference, surroundings, space constraints, and budget.

The good news is that I have included a list of many high-quality and best outdoor standing fans in this post, with many of them falling into various price ranges.

So, as long as you keep my above thoughts and recommendations in mind, buying the appropriate outdoor standing fan should be a breeze!

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