How To Keep Birds From Pooping On My Porch?

It does not matter what it’s called: porch or patio, stoop balcony, terrace, or whatever you prefer, having your private outdoor space allows you to breathe fresh air and enjoy an enjoyable day. There’s something that has irritated you for months or even years, and that’s -“how to keep birds from pooping on my porch”.

Birds are beautiful animals, but the fact that they poo in your garden is not something everyone would be happy about. This is why you need to solve this issue.

This article will guide you through the various ways you can deter birds from pooping on your porch. I hope that you will discover a solution that will work for you.

Let’s get started!

How To Keep Birds From Pooping On My Porch

What are the health hazards from birds peeing on your porch?

Some people believe that birds pooping on their porch aren’t any big deal. However, the truth is that their poop could be the source of up to 60 illnesses.

By the way, the pigeons and sparrows that you’ve seen probably don’t have the avian flu virus. Still, they carry other serious diseases, like:

  • E.coli is a dangerous bacteria that can cause food poisoning and digestive tract issues.
  • It also causes food poisoning as well as digestive tract issues.
  • It is an infection that puts the lungs at risk with meningitis or pneumonia.
  • Candidiasis can be described as a fungal disease caused by mouth thrush after you breathe it in.
  • Histoplasmosis is a fungal infection that can cause various lung complications and can cause breathing problems.

As you will see, bird poop contains a variety of diseases that could cause harm to you and your family. These diseases could weaken the immune system and make you more susceptible to other illnesses.

In addition, birds may carry parasites and pests. For instance, they can have bed bugs, which could be a threat to your house and cause massive destruction.

Due to the risk of health that bird poop can expose to you, you must be cautious not to let them pee on your porch or, better yet, avoid letting them roam be around your house.

5 Effective Ways To Deter Birds From Pooping On Your Porch

Here is how to keep birds from pooping on your porch.

1. Make use of the Ultrasonic Sound System

Different sound systems assist you in stopping birds from encroaching on your property. Most systems emit a high-frequency sound that won’t cause discomfort for people but enough to frighten birds away. Because these devices are activated by motion, they’ll start talking sounds when they spot birds.

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Additionally, you can find sound systems that produce the sound of distressed birds or even predator birds. The sounds signal the birds that your location is not secure and keep them from your yard.

2. Try hanging Mirror

This is among the most sought-after DIY ideas that you can make to deter birds from your backyard. This method involves hanging a couple of mirrors from your fence or branches of trees and can be used in two ways.

The first reason is that birds do not enjoy shiny and moving objects, so they won’t be able to get near or even touch any. On the other hand, mirrors can trick birds into thinking that they are not alone, which can cause them to be confused about which of them to go to.

There’s no need to shell out a lot of money for these. You can find cheaper mirrors at any craft shop in your neighborhood. Use the rope to hang them over the areas where you don’t view any birds. It’s a cheap method to scare birds away, but it’s highly efficient.

3. Make sure that the area is clean

Birds prefer areas with overgrown bushes or places that appear unorganized, as they can build their nests. This is why you have to make sure that your house or porch is clean to reduce the chances of getting close to your property.

However, you must make sure that all plants or trees in your yard are cut, cleared, or maintained so that they look good. If you do this, you’ll reduce the chance of birds getting near your home or your balcony.

Also, you can look around your house or home to find any waste or other items that birds could make nests from. Controlling pests is an excellent way to decrease the number of bugs and help keep birds from your property in the long term.

4. Install Faux Predators

The truth is that smaller birds are always afraid of larger birds, which can be advantageous for you. The use of hawk or owl decoys can help you keep birds from entering your home.

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Although you may choose to buy the small-sized bird decoys, be able to recognize that the temptation in question isn’t an actual bird. To prevent this, be sure to move the attraction through various positions and not let it remain at the same place each time.

Furthermore, it would be best if you kept moving the head of your decoy to scare birds away since they don’t want to be consumed. Suppose you can find batteries or solar-powered lures the more effective.

Additionally, you can deter birds from your deck with predator eyes that may resemble the eyes of any bird-snapper. It is possible to place these inflatable eyeballs in any area to keep birds out.

5. Spinning Pinwheels

You have likely encountered these popular children’s toys: the spinning pinwheels. They are the ideal choice to keep birds from your property.

When the wind strikes the pinwheels, they spin, and the sound that comes from them frightens birds away. Apart from that, the material these pinwheels are made from also repels birds.

However, you’ll have to put the pinwheels up on your deck or fence or wherever you don’t want birds. They are available in any toy store for children at reasonable prices.

Simple pinwheels can serve their purpose. However, choosing the ones made of shiny material is more effective.

Bottom Line

Indeed, finding the perfect combination of remedies to aid in getting rid of the birds in your yard and, ultimately, stop the birds from peeing on your patio can take some time. You’ll need to do several trials and errors before finding the ideal combination of solutions.

Whatever solution you decide to go with, you may need to change them frequently to ensure that birds don’t become used to them and return to their activities regularly. Since there is no need for birds’ waste to collect on your deck, it’s essential to take this seriously as an essential first step.

Dry bird poop can find its way into your home through windows and doors in dusty particles. Because the majority of bird poops carry disease. It would be best if you didn’t get in contact with them. Inhaling them can be risky, as we’ve already mentioned.

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