Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hills (2023)

It’s different from using a lawnmower in the plains than in the hills. Landscapes that are too sloppy or undulating to mow are rugged. However, if you pick the correct lawn equipment, you’ll be able to do all of this in a matter of minutes. The best riding mower for hills will be discussed in this post.

We’ll go over what to look for when purchasing a riding lawn mower in your garden, the many sorts of lawnmowers, and other information that will make your big purchase a breeze.

Factor To Consider Before Buying A Riding Mower For Hills

Research is required for larger machines. The best lawn mowers for hills need a comprehensive examination of the equipment you’ll be operating. Before making a large purchase, many factors must be considered to ensure better traction on rugged terrain with steep hills.

After evaluating dozens of models, we’ve whittled the field down to the best lawn mowers on hillsides. Make sure you thoroughly research your mower for your property before deciding on a brand and model to buy.

We give you our top picks lawn tractors on hills based on pricing, quality, and customer reviews.

Lawn Mowers By Type

1. Lawn Mowers of the Basic Type

It was all about the motor authority when mowing the lawn. You can do more in less time and with less effort if your lawnmower has greater horsepower. As a result, if you’re a professional landscaper, purchasing a powerful lawn tractor is a good idea. Indeed, these mowers are more powerful than any other kind of lawnmower on the market today.

In addition, they are solid and long-lasting. As well as numerous other amenities that will make your journey more enjoyable, they include a nice seating area.

When climbing a steep incline, it’s almost hard to turn them on their side because of their weight and low center of gravity. However, these mowers have their drawbacks.

Because of their size and weight, lawn tractors tend to move at a snail’s pace. Their peak speed is often comparable to that of a normal human being, if not slightly faster.

Another problem with these mowers is that their strong engines make their gas-guzzlers. As a result, your total profits might be adversely affected. In terms of price, lawn tractors are often far more expensive than other kinds of mowers.

These are useful if you need to transport accessories like vegetative growth or snow blowers around your property. It is difficult to use these lawnmowers in yards with many obstacles.

2. Mowers with a Rear-Engine

Rear-engine riding mowers may be purchased for the same price as an ordinary lawn tractor. These lawnmowers are less expensive since they are smaller than tractors. They are less costly than tractors and use less gasoline as well.

It is not uncommon for these mowers to have less powerful engines than those found in lawn tractors. As a result, they may have difficulty navigating through the thick foliage. Even yet, rear-engine riders are relatively quick because of their small weight, particularly with lawn tractors.

3. Mowers With No Reverse Gears

Many people are interested in the so-called zero-turn mowers. Because they’re so simple to use, they’re the primary reason. In keeping with their moniker, these lawnmowers can reverse course instantly by turning 180 degrees.

These mowers aren’t only handy, they’re also relatively strong. A 30 HP engine isn’t out of the question for any of these vehicles. They may also move quickly due to their small weight. Specific versions can reach speeds of up to 20 mph.

Finally, the stability of these mowers makes them an excellent option. Even while mowing on such a steep incline, they are tough to tip over because of their low center of gravity.

What You Should Know Before Buying Riding Lawn Mower

If you have the correct equipment, cutting could be more fun. How do you know when you’ve found the proper person? These ideas can help you choose a victor and make lawn mowing more enjoyable and comfortable.

1. Knowing What Type of Yard You Have

While some spinning lawn mowers are more suited to hills than others, the best pick for you will ultimately depend on your yard’s terrain. Using a tractor-style mower to mow a big yard will take much longer than a rear-engine mower.

To pick the best riding lawn mower for a sloping yard, you must carefully balance power and safety. As a rule, go around your yard to understand the terrain and any obstacles. Having a solid engine that can quickly move the mower up and down steep slopes may be helpful.

2. The Mower’s Weight.

Pressure is an important consideration when selecting a reel mower for usage on slopes. You’ll need a mower that can do the job. This will give you a lot of “grip” and keep you safer when riding downhill. As a result of their weight, these lawnmowers are less likely to overturn.

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3. Gravity’s Core

When it comes to mowers tipping over, the higher the center of gravity, the greater the risk. Mowers with a rear-mounted engine have a lower center of gravity since the engine is the most prominent part of your machine.

Not all tractor-style riding mowers for hills are created equal, though. Before purchasing one, you must be cautious and thoroughly investigate it.

4. Rotating

It doesn’t matter what kind of terrain you’re on; you need to be able to navigate. Turning might be considerably more difficult if you’re working on a hill. Think about how much area you must maneuver when mowing your lawn to get the most out of your mower.

The best approach to find out a mower’s turning radius is to read product descriptions and customer reviews. Remember that zero-turn mowers are fantastic for maneuverability, but they are never safe to use on steep slopes.

5. Size of the engine

Your lawnmower will have to fight against gravity if you are heading uphill. A moderately strong motor is required to complete the task. There is a wide range of engine sizes to select from, ranging from 190 through 800 ccs.

Determine your engine’s power based on your yard’s slope and its size. Mowing the lawn with a strong motor is no small feat, to say the least.

But there’s more to it than that. In addition to the engine’s performance, other factors, such as an effective oil filtration system and cooling system, are crucial.

6. Combustibles

Landscapers’ preference for diesel-powered equipment is well-founded. They have more torque and are less difficult to service. For people on a budget, gasoline may seem to be a more cost-effective alternative. On the other hand, Petrol engines cost more in the long term.

7. The Mower’s Size

The more costly a mower is, the bigger it is. More giant moving trucks are also more challenging to control than smaller ones. On the other hand, small mowers take longer to complete a grass-cutting job.

If you have a lot of work to do regularly, you’ll need a mower that’s big enough to handle it or a smaller one that can take it.

8. Power of the Engine

The mower’s grass cutting performance, speed, and fuel consumption influence the engine’s power. Even tree trunks are no match for a solid engine-powered lawnmower.

Powerful engines have poor fuel efficiency, which might harm your bottom line if you’re a professional driver.

9. Transmission

The gearbox is a characteristic that is frequently disregarded. Its primary function is to transfer engine power to the wheels. It is available in manual and automated configurations.

The first option is more reasonably priced, and it often provides better service. Changing gears on a lawnmower when mowing steep slopes is a pain to make matters worse.

For this reason, a large number of consumers choose lawnmowers equipped with automatic gearboxes. You won’t find a shifter or even a clutch in this car. You have to maneuver and manage the mower’s pace to make it change gears.

10. The Cutting System Can Be Adjusted

It is common for lawnmowers to allow you to adjust the cutting height to handle a wide range of grasses. While some mowers need you to swiftly replace the blades, thereby altering the cutting area, others do not.

In this manner, you may use a broad cutter for big fields and a smaller one for limited spots when you really need to mow.

11. Repairs and upkeep

Ideally, customers should always select an engine that swiftly and effectively removes waste products. The engine should always be in better shape if safety measures are in place. If you are looking for a mower that requires little to no upkeep, you may want to check out some of these models.

12. Safety & Comfort

It is essential that a lawnmower be safe to use. When using a riding mower, the deck has to be sturdy and equipped with safety belts and other precautions to reduce the danger of an accident. To ensure your safety while using the mower at night, it must have working headlights.

The mower’s features and functions make the chore appear enjoyable and straightforward. Using a piece of equipment that is difficult to use is a turn-off for many people. There are several advantages to using a hydraulic transmission mower over a manual one.

Best Riding Lawn Mower for Hills

1. A 30-Inch Troy Bilt 382 cc Riding Lawn Mower

Standard landowners with medium-sized properties and level terrain may benefit from this neighborhood mower. The item is 336 pounds in weight. This is one of the finest riding lawn mowers on the market for hills.

The Fundamentals:

  • A 382cc automatic choke OHV motor with a peak forward speed around 4.25 MPH & a 6-speed gearbox power this riding tractor.
  • Using a 30-Inch cutting deck, you get the advantages of both a standard riding lawn mower and a broad cut walk behind a lawnmower in one machine.
  • You may check gas levels by looking through the gasoline tank’s fuel sight glass, which has a capacity of 1.3 gallons.
  • This riding mower has a manual power take-off and a five-height adjustable blade for quick and simple blade engagement.
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  • This tractor’s mid-back seat is included as standard equipment to enhance driver comfort.
  • It features wheels that are more robust and last longer.
  • Keeping it in a garage and shed is simple because of its small size.


  • Because the warranty doesn’t cover the actual damages, there are issues.

The Bottom Line:

The best riding lawn mower for steep slopes by far is this one. Hill mowing requires a lot of physical exertion, but this mower is well-suited to medium-sized landscapes. If you’re worried about the warranty condition, you may simply work things out with the seller before you buy it.

2. Raven MPV7100 Hybrid Riding Lawn Mower

Riding Lawn Mower

Powered by a combination of gas and electricity, this tractor delivers exceptional results. There is a total weight of 870 pounds on this mower. One of Toro’s best riding lawn mowers for hills is this model.

The Fundamentals:

  • Power is provided by a 420cc gasoline engine and a 7100-watt generator that recharges the batteries.
  • Designed for increased vacuuming, mulching, and discharge, the 46-inch detachable constructed deck is available.
  • Easy to navigate around sharp corners because of its 14′′ turning radius.
  • This mower has a maximum towing capacity of 550 lb.


  • Converting this riding mower from a mower to a multipurpose vehicle or generator takes just minutes.
  • The front suspension and shocks are designed for off-road use.


  • There is a problem with this machine’s lack of service centers and replacement parts.

The Bottom Line

Despite some complaints about the mower’s components’ subpar quality, this hill mower might be considered the second-best grass mower on steep slopes due to its compact technology. The 870-pound weight is ideal for downhill traction and for negotiating sloping terrain.

3. Husqvarna YTA24V48 Riding Lawn Mower

Riding Lawn Mower

If you’re looking for a high-tech product that weighs 670 pounds, this is it. It was one of the finest riding mowers on the market for hills.

The Fundamentals:

  • It’s ready to use with a 48″ reinforced 13 plate steel deck.
  • A spring-assisted deck lever is located on the fender of the mower for easy use.


  • The tractor features a charging port.
  • A choke-less start feature enables you to just turn the ignition and go moving.
  • Three years limited, five years screen and front axle, ten years cutting deck consumer warranties are included in the purchase of this machine.


  • International shipping is not available for this product.
  • Many people have expressed dissatisfaction with the tractor’s performance over hilly terrain.

The Bottom Line:

Despite its sturdy construction and smooth running technology, this tractor is best used in a flat environment where its capabilities may be maximized.

4. The Ariens 915223 Ikon-x 52′′ Lawn Mower

Riding Lawn Mower

Designed to flourish in the dirtiest of environments, this mower is an excellent choice. It is 871 pounds in weight.

The Fundamentals:

  • Allows you to alter the cutting level from 1.5′′ to 4.5′′ with a turn of a dial and has 13 different cutting heights available with 1/4′′ increments.
  • Thanks to a four-point dual-arm hanging system, Deck movement is kept to a minimum.
  • There is no chassis flex, which improves cutting quality and mobility.


  • Armrests may be positioned in three different ways. The mower’s seat is intended to give both support and comfort to the rider.
  • A full-flow filter and full-pressure lubrication system are also included.


  • Working in the dark is tricky since there are no lights or backlights.

The Bottom Line:

There have been few complaints about this product. However, it is no longer on the market, and the manufacturer has allegedly discontinued producing it. If you’re looking to buy a reconditioned or used model, replacement parts may be challenging to come by.

Wrap Up

It will be much easier to maintain your lawn if you find the proper lawn mower for your steep terrain. Maybe you’ll even get back into it. Riding lawn mowers are an expensive purchase, so do your homework before making a final decision. Get a product that has a long and complete warranty.

Remember that taking a riding lawn mower up a hill, no matter how well made it is, can be harmful. It’s possible that your lawnmower will overturn. Make sure you read your user’s manual and follow all of the safety instructions before attempting to do so.

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