Best Lawn Mower Under $500

Comfort and quality come at a price; an often statement hits differences when buying a lawn mower. Concerning the care and wellness of the lawn, it is recommended to be a little generous. So that you will never end up hurting, however, you may find the best lawn mower under $500, which is indeed a reasonable budget if you genuinely want a reprieve from high lawnmower upkeep and assistance costs.

Your goal when purchasing a lawn mower should be not to save a few bucks. But to invest inside the best lawn mower, that never makes mowing an exhausting job for you.

Best Lawn Mower Under $500

For under $500, the best lawnmowers are:-

1. Powerful Push Lawn Mower Craftsman M105 140cc

best lawn mower under $500

For decades, Craftsman has been a trusted name in commercial lawnmowers. In addition to its attractive red and sleek body, the m105 gas-powered push lawnmower restores the public’s faith in low-cost lawnmowers.

Concerned about the budget? With a 21-inch cutting deck and steel blades, this mower can chop through large grass areas in one fell swoop. There’s no need to put in any extra effort because of its 140 CC gas-powered engine.

Putting together lawn mowers can indeed be difficult, but not for this one. Auto-choke ignition keeps maintenance to a minimum on this model from Craftsman. A simple adjustment of the handle, setting the lawn bag, & refueling the mower will get it up and running.

A simple pull of the mower’s cord halfway up its handle is all it takes to start it. Depending on your preference, you can choose from mulching, bagging, or side discharge with the three-in-one disposal options.

The Craftsman M105‘s two-lever cutting height adjustment ranges from 1.25 to 3.75 inches, making it highly versatile. There’s no doubt that this mower is superior to other riding mowers because of its smooth operation and long run times.

2. Lawn Mower WORX WG779 Cordless

best lawn mower under $500

Our list of the best lawn mower under $500 includes Amazon’s highest-rated lawnmower. Two strong WORX 20 V lithium-ion battery packs power this high-end battery-powered lawnmower.

The charge level criterion lets you know how much juice is left in the batteries when the power is low, and the dual-port charger can charge both batteries in as little as four hours.

If you give the mower a whirl, you’ll notice this has two modes for controlling the mower’s power. If you want your lawn to be mowed quickly and thoroughly, you can switch from eco mode to turbo mode.

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It is equipped with 14-wheel metal blades that are sharp and last long.

The cutting length of WORX WG779 can be adjusted from 20 mm to 70 mm, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of edge cutting.

The large grass bag can hold up to 10 liters of water of clippings, and a full-bag indicator tells you when it’s time to empty it.

The mower’s 29-pound weight allows it to maneuver over hills and other obstacles, and the safety key that can be removed prevents any unfortunate incidents.

Last but not least, if you choose the 2-in-1 clipping disposal option, you can bag or mulch the clippings as you see fit. A lot more can be said about this best advertising lawn mower, which offers a wide range of features, including exceptional cutting, simple storage, and easy adjustment.

3. A battery-operated lawnmower from BLACK+DECKER 40V (CM1640)

best lawn mower under $500

It’s a godsend to have a cordless mower that’s both compact and environmentally friendly. With two 20 V lithium-ion batteries, Black Decker’s model can deliver an efficient performance.

Lithium-ion batteries are your best bet when it comes to hassle-free battery life and quick charging! It has simple handles which fold inward and promise good robustness while cutting grass on steep slopes and choppy hills.

The mower’s advanced super duper Auto sense technology automatically adjusts the power to match the grass’s thickness. Thanks to the battery’s ability to intelligently adjust its power, fast, clutter-free, and beautiful mowing results can be achieved.

4. The BLACK+DECKER Corded Lawn Mower (BEMW213)

This black decker reel mower is ideal for those looking for the best lawn mower under $500. In terms of quality and price, this is the best electric mower on the market today, with all the features you’d expect from a high-quality machine.

The mower can handle all of your mowing needs, from seamless mowing to simple handling. From garden to tennis-sized lawns, the powerful 13 amp motor tends to help you get the job done.

With a durable body to withstand the rigors of mowing, this mower is one of its strongest contenders. To save half your time, the 20-inch having to cut deck can cut a lot of grass in a short period.

Allows you to switch cutting altitudes from 1.3 to 3.7 inches for fresh-cut and lush lawns with the six-position height adjustment feature. Everything, from moving it all around the lawn to putting it away in the garage, is as simple as you want it.

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Additionally, the mower has folding handles that are cushioned and comfortable so that you can better control it in any situation. The superior quality winged blades on the BEM213 mower make it stand out from the crowd, and they cut cleanly, sharpen easily, and free you from chaotic mowing.

Mowing blades cut the grass and deposit it into the 13-gallon rear pouch, easily removing it. Side discharge chutes are an alternative to mulching because they allow easy start-up and prevent engine problems.

5. Scott’s Outdoor 2000-20S Push Reel Lawn Mower

It’s hard to beat mowing with a palm lawnmower when it comes to showing how much you care about your lawn. This Scotts push reel lawnmower doesn’t have to take days to achieve a beautiful lawn.

The spool mechanism ensures the safe lawn cutting the grass without harmful emissions in this classic model, weighing only 38 pounds.

Alloy steel construction means the mower is highly durable and can handle mowing in tight spaces or uneven lawns. It’s unusual to hear about a time-saving push mower.

The mower has a 20-inch deck that provides extra power to cut the grass into the shortest possible path. The nine easily-adjustable settings for the mower’s three-inch highest cut height simplify finding the ideal cut length.

This push reel mower is the easiest to care for in terms of upkeep because it doesn’t require any routine fixes. Clog helix high-temperature alloy steel razors use advanced scissor cutting technology to cut with precision, fast throughput, and flawlessly.

The tracking wheels were 10 inches wide and 6 inches wide, respectively. Additional traction and stability can be gained by varying the wheel size. It does not require frequent oiling and trips to the gas station because it uses a stick shift push attempt to drive the wheels.

For small and medium lawns, a mower is a great option. It does an excellent job of trimming the grass while saving you money on expensive engine maintenance.


If you are worried about whether you can get the best lawn mower under $500, now rest assured, you can still get the best lawnmower for your backyard.

Make your choice from the list above and start mowing.

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