Can You Put A Fire Pit On Grass?

People worry about setting their lawns ablaze and not stopping the flames. You can put a fire pit on grass if you take the proper precautions.

These precautions will vary depending on the type of fire pit that you want to add to your yard. Do you want a permanent fire pit that can’t move or a portable?

A Portable Fire Pits

You won’t want to damage your grass if you use a portable fire pit. You can do a few things to protect your grass after a fire.

Portable Fire Pit

This fire pit would make a great fire pit, as it would keep the fire from the ground and allow air to circulate between the hole and the grass.

These fire pits are safe and allow fires to start almost anywhere. You can use one of these if you choose.

Permanent Backyard Fire Pit

You have many options for placing a permanent fire pit in your yard, and this option is safer because you can design the whole pit to ensure safety.

Simply pouring a concrete pad is one of the most secure. To help keep the fire contained, you can use bricks to build a circle with bricks around the concrete pad.

The concrete pad can be poured large enough to provide a solid surface for your lawn chair.

Another option is to use sand to level the area where your fireplace will be. You can lay a brick floor on top of it. To contain the flames, create a circle on the brick floor.

You’ve probably seen one if you’ve ever gone camping. It is versatile and can be placed on the ground or in a hole dug into the ground.

It is easier to maintain the grass by putting them in the ground. To keep your grass green, you might want to place a few brick rows around their circumference.

Two rings are recommended if you place them on the surface, and one should be smaller than the other. Place the smaller ones in the larger ones, and then fill it with concrete.

This will keep the heat in and prevent the grass from setting itself ablaze.

There are many safe ways to have fires in your backyard. You should be safe and not allow anyone to touch your backyard.

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What Do You Put Under a Fire Pit to Save Grass?

There are a few things you can do to ensure your yard is safe. First, you can wet your grass with a garden hose before lighting the fire, which will protect your grass during the fire.

Brick pavers are another option. They are pretty affordable and quickly found everywhere. Before lighting the fire, place a single layer between the grass and the fire pit. Brick pavers are strong and highly resistant to heat.

This is not all. If you place your fire pit on top of it, you will also raise the heat. However, it is essential to remove brick pavers every day so that you don’t end up with a brown spot in your yard.

A fire protection mat is another option you can use to protect your yard from a fire pit. It is affordable, and some fire mats can retain up to 1000 Fahrenheit heat and won’t crack, tear, or curl.

They are easy to clean and require little maintenance. You can also use them under your grill to protect from oil, stains, sparks, and oil drips.

Another safety concern is that your fire pit should be put at least 20-25 feet from any structures, including your porch or deck. If it is not soaked, don’t place it directly on the grass.

Always have a water or a fire extinguisher ready for use when you start a fire.

How To Repair Grass Damage By A Fire Pit?

First, remove the fire pit from the grassy area. Next, evaluate how much damage was done to the lawn. You can leave the property alone if it causes minimal damage to one place.

As long as the grass is not disturbed and watered frequently, it should return to its normal state within one week.

Heavily damaged grass will require more attention. Sometimes, it will be necessary to re-seed the entire area. There are two options: replacing the damaged area with sod or transplanting completely new grass.

Firepit Safety Measures to Consider

If you have a mat under the fire pit, safety precautions must be taken. These are the top safety tips to keep in mind when setting up your fire pit.

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Take a look at your surroundings

It doesn’t matter if your fire pit is placed directly on the ground in your yard or if it’s being taken along with you on a camping trip. You must always be aware of your surroundings, no matter the circumstance.


You should ensure enough distance between your fire pit and nearby trees or structures. You risk starting a fire if you don’t do this.

The fire pit should be:

  1. Keep at least 20-25 feet from any structure or objects that could catch fire.
  2. Aim for at least 10-15 feet from branches.


It would be best to eliminate any pine cones or dead grass around the area you plan to place your fire pit.

There should be at least 10 feet of space for safety and protection. Any materials that can cause a fire should not place near the fire pit.

Don’t let the grass dry out. Dry grass is more likely to catch fire and can be difficult to dry in the winter.

Dry grass should be rake immediately after mowing, mainly if there are any leftovers.

Right Fire Pit Spot

I have touched on this previously, but it is so important, thus I would mention it again. Always find a level spot or make one place your fire pit, and this is because you don’t want the fire pit to tip over.

If the fire pit is knocked over, embers can fly in all directions and injure anyone nearby.

You will need to ensure that the fire pit is stable if you use barriers. If you don’t place patio slabs or bricks correctly, your fire pit may become wobbly if it isn’t level on the grass.


Although you can place the fire pit directly on the grass, it is better that you do some extra work to protect the grass.

You should water the grass before placing the fire pit. Then, move the fire pit around frequently and get an elevated model. A mat under the fire pit is a better option.

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