How To Find Gemstones In Your Backyard?

How to find gemstones in your backyard? Gemstones can form at high temperatures and pressures, and they may form as minerals in rocks or independent minerals and crystals from hydrothermal processes at low temperatures.

The rock structure of the gemstone determines whether it forms as a rock derivate or an accessory mineral. The chemical composition of a rock determines which gems are possible to form.

When magma or the molten rock cools, some elements separate from their central mass to form crystals or other entities. This is how minerals and gemstones are formed in rocks.

The material that makes up the river bed is made from the surrounding material and any material brought in by the water. This means that pebbles found in creeks are similar to the surrounding geology.

These sparkling gemstones were discovered in 1871. Since then, many people have tried to find diamonds to make small fortunes for individual prospectors and large companies.

You may view gemstones as something that can only be found in exotic lands or laboratories. You may not be able to see some gemstones on the surface. However, you might have common gemstones right at your doorstep.

What is the oldest diamond?

The oldest known diamonds can be summarized as follows: The oldest known gems can be traced back to one to 3.5 trillion years ago. Some may argue that the oldest known stashes of ancient stones date back as far back as 3.5 billion years.

They were discovered much later, despite their long-standing presence on the earth. The mineral can be found deep underground and may require extensive excavation.

Another reason is that they are often mistaken for quartz or glass because of their unpolished and uncut appearance.

How is a diamond formed?

Diamonds are made out of carbon, a chemical element found in the earth. What is the time it takes to make a diamond? Scientists don’t know the answer. However, one thing is sure: diamonds have been in the ground for about 3.3 billion years, almost as old as the earth.

Diamonds were formed when carbon was exposed at extreme temperatures and pressures, hundreds of kilometers below the earth’s surface.

Carbon atoms formed diamond crystals due to the high pressure they were exposed to. Diamonds are almost indestructible because of their hardiness and strong bonding.

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Types Of Gemstones That Are Common In The Backyard

How To Find Gemstones In Your Backyard

These are types of gemstones that can be found in your backyard.

1. Agate

This gemstone is well-known for its brownish color and marbled appearance. This is the most popular color, though it can also be found in other colors such as green.

Agate is most common in the Western United States. You have a greater chance of finding Agate if you live close to old lava rocks.

2. Malachite

This is a dark-green gemstone with rings that gives it a unique appearance. It is not the most durable, but it is still trendy, and some believe it has healing properties. It forms in limestone, and it is commonly used to make beads and ornate carvings until the 16th Century as a paint pigment.

3. Opal

Opal is a type of silica. Precious opal’s iridescent qualities make it attractive. Rare opals may be worth more than diamonds. You can find it in many colors, including green, white, purple, pink, and brown.

Black opals are the most popular. Famous opals include fire opals as well as white opals. These opals are used in jewelry and can be used to carve figures.

Opals found in rough are characterized by an iridescent quality that makes them easy to locate. It is found in Idaho, California, and Oregon.

4. Quartz

This gemstone is one of the most challenging materials to find, and quartz is also used in gemstones such as amethyst and agate. Quartz is colorless, and however, impurities can make it vibrant.

It is usually affordable and can make jewelry, spheres, and sculptures. Amethyst, a purple variety, is the most valuable. Amethyst can be found in Arizona, Maine, North Carolina, and several other states.

How to find Gemstones in Your Backyard?

Finding gemstones on the ground might be a sign of fortune, but some may take a bit more work. The following are some basic tools that you may need:

  • Use a pickaxe to chip away at rock or dirt that’s compacted.
  • To dig deeper into the soil, use a trowel or a shovel (on standby).
  • Small diamonds are removed using a classifier (commonly used in finding gold). You might unearth a bunch of different-sized jewels when digging in your garden, much like this lady. You’ll probably need a classifier to separate the smaller gemstone bits from the larger stones and undesired detritus. Just make sure you sift over a large box or pail to avoid losing any possibly valuable little fragments.
  • Using tweezers. With these, you will be able to locate stones that are hard to find with your fingertips.
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How do you know if you have found a diamond?

Sometimes luck is the key to finding natural diamonds. A recent tale about a boy who found brown diamonds in The Crater Of Diamonds State Park, worth 15 thousand dollars, is proof of this.

It would be good to have a keen eye as uncut diamonds are not the same as polished gems. There are many diamond tests that you can use to determine if you have found diamonds.

Real Diamonds Shine

Are natural diamonds able to shine in the dark? Real diamonds do not sparkle in the dark; they need light to shine.

If the rock stands out against other shiny rocks, then congratulations!

Rough diamonds are transparent, but not entirely transparent

Can you see through natural diamonds? If the object is delicate, you may have accidentally bought glass or a fake.

Diamond Strength

What makes a diamond so strong? It comprises a complex, durable components that can be cut and left marks by another diamond.

But, can natural diamonds cut through glass? Although glass cannot be missed by any substance stronger than it, many meanings can. It is not necessary to use toughness as the leading indicator, and you may have found something similar, such as quartz, instead.

Repels Water

You can know a natural diamond by dripping water on the stone.

Round Edges

Is the shape of the stone you have found similar to a jelly bean? Rough diamonds are rounded with small triangles indented along their edges

It’s unlikely that the diamond you have found has jagged borders.

You may view gemstones as something that can only be found in distant lands or laboratories. Your backyard can be a wonderful place to relax, both indoors and out, and it only takes a little effort to make it a relaxing environment.

Even if they aren’t visible from the surface, you might have some common gemstones right there in your backyard. You never know what gems may be under your feet.

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