Spikeball vs. Slammo: What’s The Difference

Spikeball or Slammo are popular games played in parks, gyms, or even on the beach. Do you want to own your own round-net game? Spikeball or Slammo: which is preferred? The purpose of this article is to compare Spikeball vs. Slammo. 

It’s important to understand, first and foremost, that both games are played under similar rules. Spikeball is the company that invented the round net game. You can learn more about Spikeball’s history below. With the debut of Spikeball tournaments on ESPN in 2018, Spikeball has grown exponentially in recent years.

A Short Histories

Jeff Knurek invented Spikeball in 1989. Tomy, a Japanese toy company, marketed it. However, due to outdated equipment, its popularity waned. The game made a comeback when Chris Ruder played it in Hawaii. To breathe new life into obsolete equipment, he revived the game.

In 2008, he established Spikeball Inc. In just a few years, it had grown from a basement business to a $1 million enterprise that attracted Dick’s sporting goods. Among the company’s biggest boosts is its appearance on season six of the hit reality TV show “Shark Tank.”

Following their up-and-coming success, other companies started promoting Spikeball games. Spikeball Inc. changed the name of their game to Roundnet to protect their trademark. People still call this game Spikeball, though. Among the other brands offering roundnets are Slammo, Bounceball, and Revol.

Spikeball Game Set

As part of the standard 1 ball kit, you will receive a 36-inch net and frame as well as a 3.5-inch ball. A carrying bag and instructions are also included in this set. The balls have a smooth surface instead of a textured one.

Spikeball vs. Slammo

Spikeball Pros

  • Set of original games
  • Improved overall quality
  • Balls are made of a heavier, more durable material. Spikeball tournaments use this set 
  • Designed for serious spikeball players
  • The round net has foldable legs.

Spikeball Cons

  • More expensive than other sets on the market.
  • The amateur is not catered for.
  • Balls don’t have as much bounce as they used to.

What Slammo is and How it Differs from Spikeball

GoSports created the Slammo game set. Slammo is a game that takes place on a roundnet. From 1989 to 2008, roundnet was known as Spikeball. Slammo provides roundnet equipment at a lower cost than Spikeball. The roundnet game rules are the same for both sets of equipment, though Slammo and Spikeball may have some differences in their printed instructions.

Slammo Game Set

The classic Slammo set includes a net and three regular balls. Bounces higher and slam dunks come easier with an improved net. Its rubber feet provide maximum stability on a variety of surfaces, and it is stronger than standard Slammo.

Spikeball vs. Slammo

Slammo Pros:

  • Affordability- obtain a complete set at a lower cost than its main competitor.
  • It bounces better with a ball
  • Roundnet XL is the largest available
  • Beginner-friendly.

Slammo Cons:

  • There is a possibility that quality will be affected by intense play
  • It is lighter than a Spikeball set.
  • Spikeball tournaments do not use the set

The Difference Spikeball vs. Slammo

Let’s move on to the point: How do these games differ in comparison to each other? Here are the significant ways that Spikeball differentiates itself from Slammo to help you decide which one is more suitable for you:

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1. Spikeball Frame has Legs that can be adjusted.

This is the most significant benefit of purchasing a Spikeball set and is the most prominent distinction between these two sports. It is equipped with adjustable legs and can fold down and bend according to your needs.

In addition to making the legs more robust, it also provides greater flexibility when playing in uneven and rough terrains. If you’ve ever had difficulty finding flat areas to play around the net, Spikeball may be the best option.

However, the legs on the legs of a Slammo frame can be straight. This makes it hard to set the net up on uneven surfaces and requires an even surface for game playing. There’s a little restriction when using Slammo in playing characters or frame stiffness.

2. Slammo includes a Training Ball

This is among the main advantages Slammo offers over Spikeball. Slammo comes with a practice ball that is slightly bigger than a ball that’s sized for tournaments.

This is ideal for those just starting or kids who are getting used to the game because it’s much more user-friendly. It is something Spikeball hasn’t figured out, and Slammo has taken advantage of it.

3. Differential Ball Quality

A significant distinction in the ball quality of Spikeball and Slammo is the quality of the balls included with every set. As you would expect from a brand new and expensive location, Spikeball’s are of better quality.

It’s evident just by touching them. They are heavier and feel denser than Slammo balls. Overall, they appear more sturdy.

But that does not mean that we have to discredit the Slammo balls entirely because the company has been improving its balls through the decades.

There are a few advantages over Spikeball balls that could be appealing to certain players. Slammo balls offer a higher bounce and can provide excellent games. They’re ideal for beginners and players who like higher bounce than roundness balls.

4. Cost differences

Slammo is a less expensive choice than Spikeball. You can usually get it at the cost of $20-$30 less that’s why many people opt for it. Because there aren’t many significant differences in quality, it’s an excellent choice for those who value price as their primary worry.

Certain players might not want to sacrifice other elements such as materials and folding legs for a couple of dollars. Therefore, it’s up to your individual preferences and requirements if you can consider this feature.

5. The overall quality is good

There are some differences in the general construction and material between the sets; however, it’s not significant. Spikeball has a solid and durable build made of high-quality plastic, typical of a more expensive location. Even though Slammo is also sturdy, the plastic is slightly thinner than the plastic used in the original set.

Therefore, there are some concerns about its ability to withstand elements’ exposure. If you buy Slammo set, it’d be best to put it away when not in use instead of leaving it outside in the open. There are also complaints about the net’s being difficult to adjust and stretch to ensure an appropriate bounce. This could be because the clips on the frame aren’t excellent quality.

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In the end, although the differences aren’t obvious and subtle, with Spikeball, you will pay more than Slammo; however, you will receive a better ball as well as a more adaptable and sturdy frame, as well as a net. Additionally, Spikeball is generally positioned for play by professionals or enthusiasts. Slammo is more suitable for players who are beginners and amateurs.

The Similarities

Apart from the significant distinctions between Spikeball and Slammo, It’s also crucial to think about the features both games share so that you can make an informed decision.

One of the most significant commonalities is that both come with an all-year warranty. This is great for leisure game equipment since they’re most likely to break in time. This means you’ll get your money’s worth no matter the setting you choose to purchase.

Additionally, both sets come with carrying bags that allow you to take your round net set for a stroll along the shore or an excursion to camp. Both groups can be born with easy mobility, an essential aspect of outdoor games.

Slammo and Spikeball offer outstanding customer service, an essential benefit for any product. Both brands also provide swift, simple replacements in damaged or defective products along with a rapid response time.

Which is the best?

After seeing all the similarities and differences, the most crucial question is, what of these two sets is the best alternative? The answer will depend on your personal preferences, needs, and skills levels.

The original Spikeball set has superior overall quality. However, it is also more expensive. However, it is adjustable to play with an uneven surface.

The Slammo location isn’t the most costly, but you’ll have to compromise on the quality of the material. But, it’s an excellent choice for novices and kids since there’s a practice ball.


It is recommended to purchase the Spikeball set if:

  • The quality of your product is the most important thing to consider.
  • It would be best to utilize balls with a small amount of weight.
  • It is common to play on uneven, rough surfaces.
  • Cost shouldn’t be an issue for you, especially if the quality of the product is what makes it worth it.
  • It’s most likely to be utilized by more advanced players in the round net.

It is recommended to purchase the Slammo set for the following reasons:

  • Cost is your primary concern
  • It would be best if you chose balls that bounce well to them
  • Most of the time, you have an area flat to play on
  • Novices and children most likely use it.

Bottom Line

Although there are many distinctions between the two round net sets, they all decide which group is superior to the other. Of course, the folding leg in the Spikeball set could provide it with a more significant advantage.

But the differences in ball quality can be either good or bad depending on the individual tastes of every player.

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