How To Keep Dogs From Digging Under Fence?

Your dogs can be a true Houdini if they’re like mine when it comes to running from the yard. One of my dogs is an escape artist, and I am obsessed with his ability to jump under, push through, and burrow under fences.

These tricks will help you stop your dog from digging under the fence if you have a dog like this. Let’s first look at why your dog dig.

how to keep dogs from digging under fence

Why does my dog keep digging holes under the fence?

Dogs are natural diggers, but what do you do if your dog is a little too enthusiastic about digging up your yard?

Every dog needs to get the opportunity to dig – it’s their instinct. Some people try to prevent their dogs from digging by using cooking oil, vinegar, or chicken wire, and these don’t work because they can be dangerous for the dog, and they don’t solve the problem of why the dog is digging in the first place.

The best way on how to keep dogs from digging under the fence in your yard is by installing an outdoor fence with a buried wire or burying a long piece of chicken wire running on each side where you want the fence boundary.

How To Keep Dogs From Digging Under The Fence?

1. Find out Why Your Dog Dig

Understanding the causes behind your dog’s behavior is critical. Are you a breed that digs? Are his energy levels too high? Does he have separation anxiety? Is he trying to flee for some reason?

You can identify the root cause of your dog digging under the fence. Then you can use the strategies you have learned to solve the problem to everyone’s advantage.

2. Set up a Digging Zone

This is especially useful if your dog is a naturally-born digger. This strategy allows your dog to dig freely, and you can keep him safe. This will give him a place to vent his anger while still keeping him safe.

By covering your dog’s digging area with the sandbox or loose soil. You can then bury toys and other objects in the dirt so he can find them. Give him lots of praise when he sees them.

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Your dog should never dig in areas he is not allowed to. If your dog does, you can tell him “No dig!” with a firm voice or make loud noises. Take him to the digging area and praise him for digging.

He isn’t allowed to dig with wire or large rocks to cover the area, making them more attractive. You can then remove the covers and restore your landscaping to its original condition once it has determined where it is digging.

3. Ensure your dog gets plenty exercise

You should make sure your dog gets enough exercise if he seems to be digging for entertainment. Play with your dog using toys such as a frisbee and walk him at least two times a day.

You might consider consulting a trainer to help you teach your dog new tricks and activities. This keeps your dog entertained and helps you burn some energy if you have a younger dog.

Ensure your dog always has something to do when you aren’t there. This gives your dog something to do other than digging under the fence or in the different areas of the yard.

4. Fencing with chicken wire

Many people have a problem with their dogs digging under a fence. Dogs do this because they want to get to the other side to get to their favorite spot on the other side. Put fencing with chicken wire on the bottom to stop this from happening. This will keep your dog from digging underneath and escaping under your fence.

Cut 4 equal lengths of chicken wire and bury them halfway into the ground on each side of the fence. Bend them at a 90-degree angle towards the fence and then push them flat against it so that they form a “V” shape.

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5. Cover the ground

You can also cover the ground around your garden with mulch or gravel.

6. Put something smelly

Certain smells deter dogs from digging. You may notice them avoiding digging along the fence if you spray capsicum along it. You can also buy an anti-dog mix that smells and tastes bad and will cause them to sneeze and avoid areas where they have sprayed the mix.

7. Train your dog to stop digging under the fence

Train your dog to stop digging. If you spot your dog digging, say the ‘Leave It!’ command to let him know he’s doing something bad. However, for some dogs, any attention is good attention. Don’t hesitate to spend quality time playing with them.


You definitely adore your pets, and keeping them safe is crucial! It is not only unpleasant for your dog when they dig holes in your fence, but it also puts their safety at risk. 

Since each dog and yard are unique, you’ll need to experiment to determine which method is most effective for you. Once you discover what works for you, you will have a happy, healthy, and safe dog who no longer digs holes in your fence!

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