How To Make A Wiffle Ball Field?

Are you enjoy playing Wiffle Ball? But, you can only play this game in open spaces like the sports complex or large playground. Have you ever thought to have Wiffle Ball field in your backyard?

It’s true, you have your private Wiffle Ball Field, where you can play at any time without leaving your home and have no one is bothering you. I will share how to build the Wiffle ball field in your backyard.

A rough diagram of the Wiffle Ball field

Image source: owntheyard

The first thing you need to do is sketch out a concept or sketch of your field. Thus, no detail is missing in the process of obtaining the field, which comprises:

  • Space you require to build the field (based on the dimensions of your building)
  • The sizes that you play in (Wiffleball creators do not specify an official extent)
  • What age group will you need in the field, older or younger ones.
  • The field’s design
  • Fields with pits


The dimension of the field is contingent on the space you’re having. The parcel size will likely be 40-60 feet that you have a little land, but it can go up to 100 feet when you own an extensive area.

It is also possible to create a confined area by digging poles or installing fences around the field. However, before drawing the plates and pitchers, ensure that the land is level or plane land surface to ease use. However, If you prefer grassy land, make sure that the grass is cut correctly.

Additionally, don’t opt for the filthy or muddy land area because it can cause many problems in the rain season, and it can even cause injuries when someone slips in a dirty, wet spot. Therefore, to be on the safer option, you should opt for dry and uncultivated land.

Tools for Marking and Measuring

  • White or chalk paint
  • Measuring tape
  • Fences (for the area of target and boundary)
  • Home plates made of rubber
  • Mat turf for home plate (for batter boxes)
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Take measurements of the Target Area

To determine the area within your fields, the ideal method to start is by marking the outside boundary of your domain, as it’s the most straightforward and most convenient method to keep.

You could also consider fencing wired or a wall if there is no paint. Minimum heights are 4 feet, and the maximal height can be 15-16 feet, while the width ranges from 30-100 feet from the target plate to the target area.

Dimensions of a Wiffle Ball Field

Field measurements for Wiffle Ball is as follows:-

  • Thirty-five yards between bases, 50 feet between the second and home bases.
  • Pitcher’s hill is 42 feet from the home plate.
  • The foul shafts will be 95 feet away from home plate. Straight to center field at 105 feet.

Equipment Need for Wiffle Ball

The Bat should be constructed of open center plastic and have an overall length of not larger than 2 inches. Bats that have a “sweet spot” are not allowed.

Additionally, baseball gloves for the player.

The drawing of foul lines in the game

Take a careful look at the foul lines left from the grand slam. Mark the command line 60-100 feet away and locate your home plate. Make sure you mark your foul lines with paint, white flour, or chalk. It’s your choice to decide if the right and left bad lines are equal or different lengths.

Batter Box

A batter box is a rectangular box located on the field to ensure that he can sit in the box and swing at the ball. There are two batter boxes within the Wiffle ball field in most cases. The one is located on the right side, while another is located on the left side.

It is permissible for the batter to use any of the batter boxes that he prefers (the batter cannot change batter boxes during the game).The batter’s box measures four, and the length is 6 feet. This is the only way to place it and not perpendicular to its width.

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The best place for the battery box is in the middle of the home plate within the lines of each batter box close to the edge of the home plate.

Set Pitches

  • The targeted strike zone will measure 32 inches by 22 inches wide and extend 18 inches from the ground. It is made from PVC frames and steel strike plates. The strike plate is an area of 4 inches across the center of the opening.
  • To be referred to as a strike pitch must be struck by the strike plate made of metal. The pitches that strike the PVC outline are considered to be a ball. If a pitch passes through the hole in the container is an instant strikeout.
  • The pitcher must be present in all instances, one foot touching the elastic whenever he throws the ball. If a ball has been pitched without observing this regulation, the pitch is ruled to be a ball.
  • A foul hit thrown into the strike zone during the third strike is an out.
  • A different pitcher need to pitch every innings. After a pitcher throws an entire inning, they cannot pitch again unless they are in extra innings.
  • Pitchers have to take one complete batter before they can be substituted. Pitchers are relieved by an opponent or a fielder on the bench.
  • The pitcher who records two outs is deemed as having pitched the entire inning. If three pitchers all make one out each, the last pitcher is taken to be the one who pitched the inning.

In Summary

You’re now ready to play Wiffle ball! With just a measuring tape and something to mark the ground, you created your Wiffle ball field in your backyard.

Your aim should be to hit a home run instead of “Wiff.” Maybe this will kick off your Wiffle ball league! Beside Wiffle Ball, you can try play other interesting games with family in your backyard.

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