How to Secure Outdoor Furniture in a Hurricane

Outdoor furniture can be a beautiful addition to your home, but it can also be a hazard during a hurricane. When strong winds, outdoor furniture can be blown around and cause injuries. Trees and other objects may also fall on the furniture, damaging it or causing harm. If you live in an area likely to experience a hurricane, it is important to protect your furniture before the storm arrives. Thus, this post will share how to secure outdoor furniture in a hurricane.

How to secure outdoor furniture in a hurricane

How to Secure Outdoor Furniture in a Hurricane

Many people living in hurricane-prone areas invest in outdoor furniture to enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery year-round. However, when a hurricane season, it’s important to take steps to keep your patio furniture in a hurricane, so it doesn’t become a flying projectile during high winds.  

Tips for securing outdoor furniture

 If you are worried about your patio table and other outdoor furniture, below are a few tips you can do to protect your patio furniture during a hurricane.

  1. If possible, bring the furniture indoors or into a garage or shed.
  2. However, if you can’t move the furniture, tie it down using ropes or chains. Ensure the ties are secure and won’t loose in high winds.
  3. Anchor large pieces of furniture to the ground with stakes or sandbags.
  4. Remove any glass or sharp objects from the furniture before securing it.

You can learn more about securing outdoor furniture from blowing away below. But, these methods do not guarantee your outdoor furniture will be safe as it depends on how strong the wind is.

How to Secure Outdoor Furniture from Blowing Away

If you live in a windy zone, it is important to take steps to secure your patio furniture. This includes anything that can be blown away by the wind and lightweight, such as patio umbrellas, chairs, and patio tables.

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1.   Anchor your furniture

One of the best ways to protect your patio furniture is to anchor your furniture. Anchoring your furniture is a must for securing outdoor furniture from wind. By anchoring your lawn furniture, you can prevent it from blowing away from the backyard or becoming a projectile. There are a few different ways to anchor your furniture, so choose the best method.

One way to anchor your furniture is to use stakes. Drive metal or wooden stakes into the ground around your furniture and then use ropes or chains to tie the pieces down.

2.   Put furniture in a sheltered area

This could be an area such as a garage, carport, or covered porch. Taking these steps can help prevent damage to your furniture.

3.   Bringing your furniture inside

If you still have space indoors, why not move the outdoor furniture inside? You can help keep them safe and minimize the cleaning up you must do after the storm passes.

4.   Weighing Down Furniture

This can be done by using heavier objects like rocks, bricks, or filled sandbags. Another option is to use specially designed weights that fit over the legs of the furniture. These work well for windy areas, as they keep the furniture from being blown away.

5.   Clear Museum Gel

Clear museum gel is a great way to secure outdoor patio furniture. It can be used to keep tables and chairs from wobbling or tipping over, and it’s also effective at preventing wind from blowing them away.

Plus, it’s transparent, so it won’t detract from the appearance of your furniture. Clear museum gel is easy to apply – just pour it into the joints between the pieces of furniture and then use a brush or spatula to spread it around. For best results, allow the gel to dry for 24 hours before using your furniture.

6. Secure Your Outdoor Furniture With Bungee Cords to Avoid From Blowing Away

If you have outdoor furniture that you want to keep from blowing away in strong winds, you can secure it with bungee cords. Attach the cord to the furniture at one end, and then stretch it out and hook it onto something that is heavy or anchored down.

This will keep your furniture from blowing away and getting damaged.

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Final Remark

By following these simple tips, you can secure your outdoor furniture in the event of a hurricane. This will help to keep your furniture safe and minimize any damage that may occur. Be sure to stay safe during the storm and take any necessary precautions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you tie down patio furniture for hurricanes?

Patio furniture is susceptible to high winds and flying debris during a hurricane. To secure your furniture, you need to use rope or chains and tie it down to the ground. Start by placing a piece of rope or chain around each leg of the furniture.

Make sure the rope or chain is tight, and then use stakes or heavy objects to secure it to the ground. If there is any extra slack in the rope or chain, it could cause the furniture to fly away in high winds.

How Do You Protect Your Patio Screen from a Hurricane?

There are a few things you can do to protect your patio screen from a hurricane. First, make sure that all of the screens are securely fastened to the frame of the patio.

You may also want to consider installing hurricane shutters or panels over the screens. This will provide an extra layer of protection against flying debris.

Finally, be sure to remove any loose items from the area around the patio that could be blown around and damage the screens.

Should you bring in patio furniture for the hurricane?

It’s always a good idea to bring your patio furniture inside during a hurricane. This will protect them from damage and keep them from becoming projectiles during a storm. If there’s not enough room inside your home, you can try storing them in a garage or shed, but make sure they’re well-protected from rain and wind.

How do you secure garden furniture to decking?

There are a few ways to secure garden furniture to decking. One way is to use screws or nails to attach the furniture to the deck. Another way is to use brackets or holders that attach to the furniture and the deck.

A third way is to use straps or ropes around the furniture and deck. Whichever way you choose, ensure it is secure, so the furniture does not move around and cause damage.

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