How To Position A Cantilever Umbrella?

A huge outdoor umbrella with an offset pole for optimal adaptability is a cantilever umbrella. They are fastened to a swivel arm rather than a center post and open from there. This gives you the freedom to shift them about as you see appropriate.

Cantilever umbrellas provide shade without interrupting the rhythm of your living area due to their offset post. They’re also more sturdy than regular outdoor umbrellas.

Before setting your cantilever umbrella, you must first determine the location and then pick which way you want to put it. Let’s see what the best possibilities are.

How To Position A Cantilever Umbrella

Permanent or non-permanent position?

When deciding where to install your cantilever umbrella, the first aspect to note is whether the location will be permanent. You don’t plan on moving the umbrella or whether you’ll have to move it and change its position as needed.

In the first scenario, an in-ground foundation – the strongest attachment possible – is required. In contrast, a heavy base with handle and wheels is required to facilitate mobility in the second.

The umbrella must be placed between you (your patio, pool, or the actual location you need shade for) and the sun to provide shade.

Where should a cantilever umbrella be placed?

Consider where you spend plenty of time in your yard when choosing the ideal position for your new cantilever umbrella. Remember that cantilever umbrellas can spin 360 degrees, giving you some flexibility in positioning.

A cantilever umbrella looks excellent on an open deck. You may also use them in open places such as pool areas or other large areas on your property.

There are two ways to put cantilever umbrellas: corner-mount and side-mount. Corner-mount is when the base is positioned on one of the corners, while side-mount is where the bottom is placed on one side of the area.

Cantilever umbrellas installed in corners are considered to be more inconspicuous. Even if you can’t (or don’t need to) swap shades between two rooms, corners are frequently not a piece of the useable space.

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However, when the umbrella base is on the side, it may still take up valuable space and impede the view. When the area to be shaded contains tables and chairs, the corner-mount cantilever umbrella’s out-of-the-way benefit is more apparent. When using a side-mount umbrella, you always run the danger of backing a chair or other object against the pole behind you, making it difficult to maneuver.

Your umbrella professional can offer you all the dimensions you want to be sure of. Then all you have to do is take measurements of your home and choose the most fantastic match for your area.

Options for mounting cantilever umbrella

Cantilever umbrellas provide your yard with a variety of shade alternatives. Not only that, but they also offer a variety of placement alternatives for the umbrella. There are mounting alternatives to suit your demands, no matter your vision or your property’s particular allowances.

Freestanding Cantilever Umbrella

A freestanding cantilever umbrella is an excellent choice for rental properties, temporary residences, or those looking for a non-damaging installation solution. These let you install the umbrella without securing it or mounting it. Instead, the cantilever umbrella is held in place by a sturdy base.

Another advantage of such an umbrella is the ability to move it around. This is a terrific solution if you have numerous spots in your yard that you’d like to keep shady.

1. Wall-Mounted Cantilever Umbrella

A cantilever umbrella fixed on the wall is ideal for placing off the side of your house. These let you hang your retractable cantilever umbrella on the wall, making them great for patio sitting.

2. Bolted Down Cantilever Umbrella

Bolt-down mounts allow you to install a cantilever umbrella farther away from your house than you might otherwise. These are perfect for securing pool umbrellas to cement using concrete anchors.

You can install a bolt-down cantilever on wet or dry concrete, so you can use them on your patio or pool area. The bolts are put in the desired spot using wet cement before the cement has completely cured. Drilling into the concrete slab and placing the bolts where you want them is possible if your cement is already dry

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3. In-Ground Cantilever Umbrella

In-ground cantilever umbrellas are great for secure placement on your property, anyplace. These are installed by excavating into the ground and firmly fixing the umbrella. This mounting option is ideal for putting the umbrella in your backyard or garden.

4. Shade planning

Knowing exactly where north or south, east, and west are located is the first stage in shade planning. This is how you can do it. The sun rises in the East and sets in the west everywhere on Earth. Standing with the morning sun to your right means facing north with your back to the south; standing with the afternoon sun to your right means facing south with your back to the north.

The sun rises on the right and sets on the left when facing north.

The structures receive practically little shade on the south side on a hot summer day. (We’re facing west, so south is to the right.) Remember that the “structure” might be anything from a skyscraper to a tree to an umbrella.

A little section at the structure’s north side provides shade during the warmest portion of the day. If the structure is a building, canopy, or even a tree, this is where the shadow will fall.

This short-term shade plan indicates that you should be towards the north side of the shade structure to obtain some shade during the warmest part of the day. You’ll need to install a shade structure on the south side of the present structure to get extra shade.


Consider purchasing a cantilever umbrella if you’re looking for a new outdoor umbrella. Cantilever umbrellas come in square or octagon forms and a variety of sizes.

They can tilt and rotate up to 360 degrees; have more than one mast; don’t have to be set in place, and don’t have to have a side post; they can also be wall-mounted. Isn’t it incredible that you may get so many advantages with only one product?

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