What Are Offset Patio Umbrellas?

An offset umbrella is a type of patio umbrella. The base is located on one side of the umbrella rather than in the center. As a result, side post umbrellas are another name for offset patio umbrellas.

With an aluminum base and frame, these umbrellas are capable of holding a shade cloth or acrylic fabric. The UV-protected, weather-resistant olefin canopy is supported by a robust steel frame with breathing vents to increase ventilation.

Using an offset patio umbrella, you can get the most amount of coverage from the sun. On hot and bright days, a conventional patio umbrella provides shade. Consider a cantilever umbrella if you want a distinctive and beautiful outdoor covering.

Unlike a typical patio umbrella with a center pole, a cantilever umbrella has an offset pole that suspends the umbrella from the side. The umbrella then hangs over a patio or dining area to offer shade.

This adaptable shade solution is available in various shapes and sizes, pole materials, textiles, and features, including LED illumination. Some include tilting capabilities that allow the canopy to move left and right, front and backward, or even spin 360 degrees!

Offset patio umbrella range in diameter from 9′ to 13′, is available in square, round, octagon, and rectangular designs, and is suitable for various resting and dining locations.

what are offset patio umbrellas
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What is the difference between an offset and a cantilever umbrella?

Cantilever patio umbrellas are pretty similar to offset patio umbrellas; the main difference is that cantilever patio umbrellas do not have bases. The pole for the patio umbrella protrudes outward from the patio’s edge. It casts shade over an area located above.

Benefits of Offset Patio Umbrellas

There are a few main benefits to using an offset patio umbrella.

First, they can give more shade than a regular umbrella because they are tilted. This is great if you have a small deck or patio because you can still enjoy being outside without being in the sun.

Second, offset umbrellas have a tilting mechanism that enables the user to adjust the amount of shade cast by the umbrella according to their preferences. This is ideal for those days when the sun is lower in the sky, and you require further protection from the sun’s rays.

Lastly, you don’t need a center pole like a standard patio umbrella when setting up an offset umbrella.

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Are offset umbrellas better?

Offset umbrellas are an exciting and eye-catching option for covering outdoor areas. They optimize the amount of shade and give a seating area that is open and free of obstructions, eliminating the need to arrange the chairs around a cumbersome center pole.

Do Offset Umbrellas Work?

Yes, offset umbrellas are a good option for protecting yourself from the sun and rain.

Because of this, you must select the proper umbrella based on your specific needs and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on how to use and maintain your umbrella. Choosing an offset umbrella is critical because it comes in various shapes and sizes and has multiple colors.

It is imperative that you thoroughly research and adhere to any directions that come with your new umbrella before using it.

Patio Umbrella Types

Below are a few types of patio umbrellas.

1. Patio Cantilever / Offset Umbrella

This offset patio umbrella comes with a support base that is large and robust enough to keep it steady. It features an extended arm supporting the large canopy for people to sit beneath. This option is notable for remaining on the table’s side while providing shade. It takes relatively little space and is also extremely strong and long-lasting.

2. Corporate Patio Umbrella

People often see this umbrella at hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and other places. It not only decorates the entire area but also offers excellent shade.

This type of umbrella is an excellent idea since it can adorn the surroundings to make the business more distinctive to attract more clients. It is also possible to position it outside the entryway, which will provide the impression of a more spacious and open environment.

Some homeowners like to use it because of its attractive design and long-lasting benefit.

3. Tiki-Style Palapa Umbrella

The umbrella is composed of a polypropylene synthetic grass cover that resembles a grass tiki house. The design makes it suitable for use in the home yard, beach, pool, and other coastal regions with similar vibes.

You may stick it in the sand if you use it at the beach. If you desire to use it with a table, you’ll need a 50-pound around stand base. With its grass construction, it’s equally at home in hot and windy climates. In windy conditions, a 70-pound foundation is suggested.

4. Patio Umbrella Sail

If you have children, a sail patio umbrella is an excellent choice. There are three parts, and you don’t need the pole to hold the umbrella up.

It’s simple to rope it above a patio set, table, or even trees. This umbrella does not require hefty base support or a lengthy pole, making it handier.

5. Solar LED Patio Umbrella

The umbrella is also suitable for use with a table. Some solar LED lawn umbrellas may pivot to select an appropriate angle, like tilting patio umbrellas.

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When it comes to lighting up the yard at night, solar umbrellas include low-voltage LED lights. This kind of solar LED light is unique because it can light up at night. If you spend the night on the patio, this is the umbrella you should buy.

6. Patio Umbrella with Tilt

This variety, on the other hand, has a pivoting function with an extra joint that does not maintain it at a set angle. This umbrella is not only intelligent but also flexible, and it has the ability to revolve 360 degrees around the pole.

The cool part about it is that you can swivel the angle for optimum sun protection. This is a terrific umbrella to sit beneath since it provides excellent heat protection. It is very simple to set up and utilize.

Tilting umbrellas, like table umbrellas, have a support base that may stand stably on the ground. It can only alter the angle whenever the seasons change by adjusting the umbrella’s tilt.

7. Patio Table Umbrella

The most prevalent sort of shade source is the table patio umbrella. Many people have seen table patio umbrellas in the holes of their patio tables, as the name suggests.

These umbrellas look like a big umbrellas that you can hold in your hand. If the table umbrella is big enough, you can use it in the backyard or on the balcony. This is true even on hot summer days when people sit around the table for dinner or drinks.

This umbrella type frequently comes with its base, allowing it to stand securely without putting undue strain on the table.

Offset patio umbrella poles and frames are typically made of one of three materials: wood, aluminum, or fiberglass. The highest quality umbrellas are manufactured of Polyester or Pongee in terms of waterproof fabric.

The major advantage of an offset patio umbrella is that it can shade a big area without creating the obstacle that a central pole does.


The most frequent forms of outdoor umbrellas are offset patio umbrellas. Offset patio umbrellas are an excellent option if you require an outdoor umbrella with a foundation.

Finding a nice umbrella is easy if you know what to look for. It should be weatherproof and able to sustain regular use. The umbrella is made of solid materials that won’t get broken by the hot sun, cold weather, high winds, rain, dirt, bird poop, or anything else.

It should also be large enough to provide ample shade. Other important considerations are simplicity of installation, stability, style and beauty, durability, price, and adaptability.

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