Best Airsoft Smoke Grenade

Airsoft games can be entertaining. You may need accessories to enhance your game experience. Some prefer to play a complete tactical game with an airsoft smoke grenade.

You will want to know the top smoke grenades on the market for airsoft if you’re one of these people.

Best Airsoft Smoke Grenade

Best Airsoft Smoke Grenade

This is a list we have compiled of the best products for airsoft.

1. 6-Pack Color Dispenser Hand Held Air Filled Airsoft Smoke Grenade

Best Airsoft Smoke Grenade

These color dispensers come in a 6-pack of colors, including baby blue, pink, and a multicolored option. It’s a twist and pop option rather than a pin-pull option, so it’s straightforward to use in an airsoft game.

These smoke grenades are made from natural, biodegradable cornstarch powder. They won’t cause any harm to players or leave a trail on the airsoft fields. This smoke grenade is safe, but it can still be used outdoors. Don’t use it indoors if you are not in a well-ventilated, large airsoft facility.

These are less effective than other options because the thick smoke will only last 30 seconds to one minute. If you or your team find themselves in a sticky situation, this is a great “get away quick” option.


  • It is quick and easy to use, ideal for airsoft matches.
  • Our multi-color options are available in blue and pink.
  • Natural ingredients (cornstarch) make this product safe for people.
  • The smoke is thick and bright, with vivid colors.


  • Smoke is only released and lingers for about 30 seconds. This makes it only useful for quick escapes or distractions.

2. Legend & Co. Powder Cannons Airsoft Smoke Grenade

Best Airsoft Smoke Grenade

The Legend & Co. Powder Cannons have received over 400 positive reviews. There are four cannons in the package, two of which come in pink and two in blue. Like the previous set, the powder is biodegradable and dissipates, so cleanup is not necessary.

These are great for quick distractions, such as escaping or charging an opponent quickly on the field. Depending on weather conditions and wind speed, the powder doesn’t stay in the air longer than 30 to 45 seconds. The bright side is that the powder is brilliant and distracting. Also, the plume of smoke can be pretty significant.


  • Great for people on a tight budget.
  • More than 400 reviews
  • The powder is safe for people and biodegrades quickly. It leaves no stains or messes.
  • The plume of smoke can be quickly distracted by its large size and vivid colors.
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  • It doesn’t last as well as the other options on this list — it’s better for quick getaways and charges.
  • Only available in pink or blue

Hype Up The Airsoft Game

Using airsoft smoke grenades during an airsoft game can enhance the game’s realism. After all, today’s games are about more than just airsoft BBs.

In real battles, mines and bombs are utilized. This means that airsoft grenades will be useful whether you guard a base or disguise an attack.

Airsoft games do not allow lethal explosives. Players can employ copies of claymores, mines, grenade launchers, and grenades in these games since they are simulations of true military circumstances.

Please keep in mind that these devices do not include any live explosives. These weapons are often powered by citric acid and green gas.

Things to Consider Before Purchase Airsoft Smoke Grenade

There are many things you should consider before you buy any smoke grenade. These factors will help you choose the proper smoke grenade.


The area that smoke from a smoke grenade covers is called coverage. Different smoke grenades provide additional coverage. Coverage can be determined by the size of the site where the grenade is to be used.

Coverage is measured in cubic feet for airsoft smoke grenades. Smoke grenades typically cover approximately 10,000 to 500,000 cubic feet.

Types of smoke

Another thing to consider is the type of smoke that is emitted. A smoke grenade containing heavy smoke will be required in windy areas. Because the smoke is cleared faster by the wind than you might expect, this is why it is necessary to have a smoke grenade with heavy smoke.

The color of smoke

Another essential aspect to consider is color. You should choose a color that is compatible with your airsoft game outfit. The smoke will increase your coverage or alert your team.


You can find one that suits your needs at a reasonable price if you’re on a tight budget. The more realistic smoke grenades will cost you more than the minimalistic airsoft smoke grenades.


It is essential to also consider the location. This refers to whether you’re playing outdoors or indoors. Light smoke is required for indoor game parks as the smoke is not affected by wind or other external factors.

How Airsoft Grenades Work

A smoke grenade for airsoft creates harmless bright-colored smoke that can make smoke screens in airsoft games. These smoke grenades are excellent for protecting opponents from harm and produce smoke lasting between 30 seconds and one and a quarter minutes. Smoke grenades can be used outdoors in areas ranging from 30,000 to 500,000 square feet.

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Standard and flameless are the two types of airsoft grenades. These grenades can be ignited manually and produce 30,000 to 100,000 cubic feet of smoke.

Bright orange smoke can last for up to four minutes and comes in bright colors. Pulling the pin is all that’s required to set off a smoke bomb.

The flameless version uses a 9-volt battery to light the grenade. These are ideal for large smoke screens that can easily be ignited remotely. It is not a good idea to choose one too large for what you need. This could make your strategies fail or even backfire.

FAQs On Airsoft Smoke Grenade

Q: Is there a distinct smell of Airsoft smoke grenades?

A: Of course. Smoke grenades from airsoft have an unpleasant smell, but it’s not overwhelming.

Q: Is it lawful to possess a smoke grenade?

A: It is not prohibited to use them if you are over 18. Purchasing them is also not illegal. Simply ask for permission to utilize them on your property.

If you provoke a commotion or panic, you are unquestionably breaking the law. It is recommended that you take caution, obtain the relevant permissions, or use them where they are not limited.

Q: How Long Do Smoke Grenades Last?

A: On average, a smoke grenade will last around thirty seconds and up to a minute and a half (for the most common devices).

Q: Can Smoke Grenades get hot?

A: Smoke is produced by friction, the tugging of a wire or ring on an airsoft grenade, or a similar ignition source. The grenades emit smoke due to their use of a chemical composition that burns without ambient oxygen.

In this case, the grenade’s casing may become slightly warm. However, you should not be burned by an airsoft smoke grenade that you set off.

Airsoft Smoke Grenade Wrap Up

You should choose a nice airsoft smoke grenade based on the facts provided above. Use our well-researched education to learn everything there is to know about smoke grenades.

Any airsoft game would benefit from the addition of airsoft grenades. You will have a better gaming experience if you use them as part of a BBQ party game in your backyard. Smoke grenades should only be used in specified areas, such as airsoft game parks.

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