The Cheapest Way To Build A Shed

A storage shed for your home could be a daunting task, considering the cost and the additional work may not be worth the effort. However, if you aren’t comfortable having someone else do the job you can complete by yourself, then finding the least expensive method of building an outdoor shed is the topmost important goal. But what is the cheapest way to build a shed?

The most affordable way to construct a shed is to do it yourself. Employing a contractor adds costs for labor and materials, and pre-fabricated sheds cost 50-100 percent – or even more. Making a shed out of pallets is the most cost-effective method of building an outdoor shed.

This article will discuss the most affordable methods to tackle every aspect of your shed’s construction, from the initial planning stage to the final nail or screw. Also, we’ll discuss how building a shed using pallets is a highly economical shed project.

Is it cheaper to build your shed?

When you’re building an outdoor shed or fixing your car, performing your DIY projects saves you from having to pay for labor. Contractors can add 10 percent to 50% or more to reflect delivery costs if you decide to purchase an outdoor shed for $4000.

If you construct your shed, you can choose the materials. Finding low-cost lumber and building materials will also help you save money. You can also spend time doing the job correctly and be confident that you’ve completed the task yourself. If something fails, you’ll be able to fix it.

What is the cheapest way to build a shed?

The construction of a storage building yourself is more affordable than purchasing the shed at the time. You can buy an already-constructed 8×8 storage shed constructed out of plastic or fiberglass at a lower cost than you can build it from wood. But, there’s an option to create an inexpensive shed that no retailer can be able to beat: making use of pallets.

Utilizing pallets to construct sheds is among the most cost-effective building sheds. There are numerous ways to make the pallet shed, and however, most of them use pallets as the primary building material.

They can be used for framing your shed or siding, which can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars if the shed is large.

There are so many options to consider when making a pallet shed it can be challenging to pick the right one. It all depends on the type of pallets you own.

However, one of the most effective options is framing with a small amount of lumber to support the pallets and help keep the structure in place.

Don’t forget. Pallets are available for free. Keep an eye on the streets for companies disposing of old pallets. Or visit an area in town that has many warehouses. Go through the backs of large box stores. There could be a worker who is thrilled to have an old stack of pallets off their hands.

What is the best way to build a cost-effective shed from scratch?

Let’s look at each phase of the woodshed construction process, beginning with the tools you’ll need. Be aware that this article is designed to provide the most affordable and most effective methods of building sheds.

1. Find free or Low-Cost Storage Shed Plans

The first step is to have an idea of constructing your shed. Sure, you can purchase the shed plans.

The importance of having a plan is to have one. It helps you identify all the items you’ll require ahead of time. This allows you to decide on your purchases and modify the materials before starting the construction. Also, think about the building hardware because this could be an expense.

Before making any purchase, you should plan every purchase, and then you will know the items you can get either for free or at a discounted price.

2. Tools

What tools will you require to construct a shed within the budget? I have read many articles that say that you will need a compressor and a pneumatic nail gun or a slide miter saw.

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These tools are certainly helpful in making shed construction faster; however, you can construct a shed without the tools.

At the very least, you’ll need, at a minimum, a tape measure, the speed-square, saw the hammer, and drill. I would recommend a low-cost corded drill, and it’s strong enough to be able to drive any screw or drill the hole you’ll need. It also requires an extension cord, a square drill, and a set of drill bits.

A hammer is essential. Keep in mind that using nails is less expensive than using screws. Most of the time, nails have higher Shear Strength than the screw. Utilize pins to cut costs.

Then, you’ll require the aid of a saw. A circular or miter saw is the best, but they’re expensive.

3. Foundation

A low-cost shed foundation for your home. You have several options for your shed foundation, including skids, concrete piers, concrete slabs, and many more.

The most affordable DIY option is to build a block made of concrete or decking. Placing your shed’s floor framing over these blocks is the most affordable and straightforward method for producing a solid foundation for your garden.

Deck blocks are very affordable, and they are available for purchase for less than $10. They have grooves that fit 2x lumber, making them an ideal base for incorporating them into your shed’s floor framing. Concrete blocks, like cinder blocks, can be an excellent alternative. Many of you have them on your property, making them the most affordable option.

The price of building a lumber structure and pouring concrete slabs makes blocks the least expensive option.

You must invest some time preparing the site for your concrete blocks or deck, including digging down below the surface and adding gravel. Even if this is not the case, it is the best shed foundation option.

4. Floor Framing

Building your shed’s floor is not recommended using any lumber smaller than 2×6. You can use 2×4 lumber; however, you’ll need to increase the deck blocks to support your floor’s frame.

Instead, use 2×6 lumber. This will ensure that your deck floor will not fail. Treated lumber is essential. If you’ve got paint on your outside and want to buy untreated lumber, then paint it. This will save cost since treated wood is higher than untreated.

5. Wall Framing

The most affordable option for wall framing is 2×4 lumber, and it is possible to utilize 2×3 lumber. However, you’re putting at risk the structural integrity of the whole structure by choosing this option.

Be aware that the entire roof structure will rest on the walls of your shed. You should not even think about 2×3 walls if you’re dealing with snow loads.

The second drawback of the walls made of 2×3 is that they break more manageable when you put siding between them or nail them to each other. Since fewer materials are to work with, fixing materials to a 2×3 or joining them is challenging and possibly dangerous.

2x4s are the best and most cost-effective option to build inexpensive shed walls. Choose 2×3 walls at your own risk. I wouldn’t suggest this. Also, remember that cheaper than 2x4s is using pallets if you feel confident building a shed.

6. Roof Framing

Similar to how 2x4s are the most affordable wall framing material, they’re also the most affordable suitable for roof framing. For sheds that fall into the smaller size category like 10×10 or smaller, the rafters constructed from 2x4s are the most cost-effective framing choice. You can purchase 2x4s in 12 and 10 lengths or more that help reduces waste.

Trusses require more significant amounts of wood than rafters but still use 2x4s. No matter if you decide to go with the gable-style roof or a single slant, 2×4 rafters can be a straightforward and robust option to frame your roof.

A lot of snow can cause problems; however, if your building isn’t heated, you won’t need to be concerned about the weight of snow on your roof.

The style of your roof may reduce costs as well. Gable roofs require you to utilize slightly more lumber than single slant roofs since a gable roof requires four angles for the length of 2×4.

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Design your roof’s slope, so you only need one 2×4 per rafter or set of rafters to create a Gable roof. This reduces cost and waste.

7. Siding

The most cost-effective method to build a shed side can be complicated since there are a lot of possibilities. I’ve found the most efficient and cheapest option to side the shed is to utilize LP SmartSiding.

It’s an engineered, painted 4×8 sheet designed for exterior exposure. All you need to do is secure it to the frame of your choice and then call it a day.

They’re less expensive than outdoor plywood panels and more weatherproof. Plywood siding panels do not hold up to the same level of exposure to moisture unless they are painted with a painter, which is an extra cost you won’t need to worry about when you choose to use an LP-based panel.

Other alternatives include lap siding and shingle siding. However, these require more materials and, therefore, higher costs. Lap siding is the least expensive and most straightforward installation while offering an affordable, long-term, and maintenance-free option.

8. The roof

Asphalt shingles are affordable to cover a shed at a low cost. There’s a reason why asphalt shingles are the predominant roofing choice for houses in your area – they are priced at a reasonable cost.

Metal roofing is more expensive, and various roofing materials, like corrugated plastic and rubber, aren’t as cheap or are not suitable to build a shed.

Think about a shed that is 10×10. Let’s say that the shed’s roof is this size or slightly larger. It’s approximately 100 sq. ft. We know that it takes in an average of three bundles of shingles for one tile, which equals 100 sq. feet. Three bundles of shingles are about the lowest price you can find for roofing materials.

9. Windows

Making a shed as inexpensive as possible is your aim without a window is a must. The cost of a new, or even afford one, will cost you more than $50. This is for a closed, fixed window that is small in dimensions.

Instead, choose solar lighting or make use of an extension cord that has an LED at the end in case you require a little illumination inside your garden shed. A window can be costly and requires you to put in more wood to frame the walls in your backyard shed.

10. Doors

The Exterior door is expensive. A quick search at your local home renovation store will reveal that the cost of exterior doors ranges between $200 and $500 or greater.

Instead, you can use 2x4s to build a wooden frame for your door and then cover it with the exact siding used to cover the rest of your shed – the LP SmartSiding.

There’s no added cost if you have an open or double door because you’re making use of more siding and 2x4s. The use of 2x4s will allow the door to be as comprehensive as you’d like, and you’ll save hundreds of dollars by not purchasing an exterior door.

You’ll need a set of hinges as well as a latching mechanism. This equipment is affordable and can be bought for less than $20 without including a padlock of any type if you require one.

Conclusion: The Cheapest Way To Build A Shed

The construction of a shed for a low cost is an exciting challenge for anyone a DIYer. However, it would be best if you did not risk safety. You can undoubtedly make a shed floor using 2×4 frames, but you might regret it after your riding mower crashes through it over a few years.

It’s not an option to “go cheap” if your shed collapses a year after. Still, you must take care to build a sturdy structure, even if it involves purchasing slightly larger lumber material or a more robust siding choice. Spending an additional 50 or 100 dollars to ensure your shed is in good shape and dry is the best choice.

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