Best Patio Dining Table With Fire Pit In The Middle (2023)

It’s always nice to eat outdoors. Breaking bread with family and friends in the vast outdoors creates a unique sensation that cannot be replicated anywhere else (even if the great outdoors is actually the backyard). And adding a fire pit to your backyard will keep you warm while having a meal.

However, why add to the confusion by purchasing a second fire pit? The simplest solution is to get a dining table with a fire pit in the middle! Purchasing this type of table may appear to be a daunting endeavor to people who are unfamiliar with it.

Therefore, this article will provide the best dining tables with fire pits in the middle. Hold on to your hats because you’re going to witness some incredible patio furniture! But before that, make sure you know how to put out a fire pit after use.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Dining Table With Fire Pit In The Middle

First and foremost, you must understand what to look for when purchasing a dining table with a fire pit in the center (also known as a fire pit dining table).

Some elements are self-explanatory: it needs to look beautiful, it needs to be comfortable, and it needs to be built with high-quality materials. Having said that, the devil, as they say, is in the details (as always). When selecting your favorite design, look for the following characteristics in your favorite fire pit table.

Types of Fire Pit Dining Tables

First and foremost, what style of fire pit dining table do you want to purchase? Alternatively, are you pleased with a dining table that can be converted into a fire pit?

Perhaps it would make you more comfortable if the fire pit could be turned on while eating? You shouldn’t expect that any fire pit eating table will allow you to accomplish both at the same time, though!

In reality, these simultaneous features are often reserved solely for the most expensive devices on the market today. If you’re looking for something cheaper, you’ll have to decide which aspect is more important to you.

Material Use

Of course, the material used in building an outdoor dining table and an outdoor fire pit is one of the most important qualities to consider. It stands to reason that it will continue to be crucial when purchasing a dining table with a fire pit in the center. The question is, what type of material are we looking for?

As a result, the manufacturers make things simple for us. Most of the time, aluminum or steel is used to construct the frames of these dining sets. In addition, because it is a dining set, the components are done in an old bronze finish.

Aluminum frames outperform steel frames in strength and durability since they are substantially lighter and rust-proof. On the other hand, either option would be perfectly acceptable for your outdoor space.

Ample Surface Area for a Table

Another component of fire pit dining tables that is frequently forgotten is available tablespace. Many people will opt for the most attractive model or the fire pit with the highest number of BTUs available, entirely ignoring the amount of table space they’ll require to be comfortably seated.

So, how large does the surface area of your fire pit dining table need to be to function properly?

To be comfortable sitting at and eating at the fire pit table, you should provide approximately 18 inches in front of each seat. However, while the fire pit in the center will undoubtedly take up some floor area, most models should meet this demand. If it does not, I will note it in the review.

Comfort in the Seating

If the dining table with a fire pit you choose comes with accompanying chairs, you’ll want to be sure that they’re comfy before you purchase them.

This means that they should be large enough to accommodate the backs of the majority of people.

Also, double-check to see if the chair comes with a back cushion to compliment it (many products only have seat cushions). Although we don’t usually choose our patio furniture based on its ergonomics, the level of comfort is essential.

Appropriate heat Output (BTUs)

BTUs are rarely considered, yet they are still crucial to consider. You don’t want to just go with the most incredible BTU model that you can afford, though.

As a matter of fact, with a fire pit that will almost certainly have people gathered around it, this can be a disaster waiting to happen. You want a BTU level acceptable for the number of people in your group and the distance you will be sitting.

So, what type of BTUs do you need for a fire pit dining table, and where do you get them? It’s not necessary to draw a graph for this one; you’ll find that 20,000 BTUs per hour is sufficient for the majority of applications.

Anything more than that, and you’ll find yourself becoming very hot if you’re sitting right in front of the fireplace. Of course, if you’re simply standing around it, you may raise the temperature to 40,000 BTUs or higher.


Patio dining sets are generally available in two height configurations: standard and tall. For starters, you may go with an average height, such as the kind that you’d find in your dining room at your house.

In fact, you could easily install a set of this height in your dining room, and it would look ideally at home (except, of course, the fire pit). The other design is bar-height / counter-height, which is described below. Because these are taller dining sets, ordinary chairs will not fit around them comfortably.

To properly sit at the table, you’ll need “high-dining” chairs or barstools. Make sure that you purchase the height that you will be satisfied with!

Even though it is not seen in dining sets, I’ll go ahead and mention a third height in this section nevertheless. The conventional size of a fire pit table is approximately the same as a coffee table. Standard fire pit tables can be used as a dining set in a hurry. However, they aren’t particularly well adapted for this use.


What is the cost of fire pit dining tables? Unfortunately, they can be prohibitively expensive in some cases. In contrast to the fact that specific fire pit tables may be found for as cheap as $300, most higher-quality dining sets cost more than $2000.

And, in terms of the highest price boundary, the sky is truly the limit in this case. However, how much you anticipate spending on a conventional fire pit dining table is something to consider.

For a model that comfortably seats four people and their meals, you’re looking at a minimum of $1000. I’ve seen some dining tables at a price as low as $300 or so for a typical patio table that changes into a fire pit on the market. These rates rise if you include chairs in your order. The following dining table hack (which I’ll leave for the end of the post) can help you save money on your dining table.

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Best Patio Dining Tables With Fire Pits In The Middle

All right, let’s have a look at the models that I’ve looked at. Having sifted through hundreds of listings, the following is the most outstanding selection of dining tables with fire pits in the center that I could come up with. Each one is unique in its own way, and I hope you appreciate them as much as I do!

1. Hanover Traditions 5-piece dining table with fire pit in the middle

This Hanover counter-height fire pit dining set is our top pick for the best high-top dining table with a fire pit on the market today. The set is eye-catching, and the timeless design complements a wide range of outdoor settings.

The 19-inch gas fire pit in the center provides a modest 22,000 – 40,000 BTUs per hour of heat production, and a circular cover allows you to reclaim that space when you want to get some fresh air.

The aluminum frame is lightweight, and the bronze treatment protects it from the weather, ensuring that your purchase will remain in good condition for many years to come.

One thing to keep in mind is that this Hanover set includes a natural gas conversion kit. The kit can be used instead of the propane tank if you have an outdoor natural gas output, saving you the headache of maintaining a propane tank.

It includes black fire glass, but you can swap it out for any other color you choose if you so desire. In addition, this set provides high-top seats that can be rotated 360 degrees for maximum comfort.

One thing to take note of is that the pricing is relatively expensive. Unluckily, when it comes to outdoor fire pit dining sets for your patio, this price range is considered to be standard. Yet, there aren’t many budget-friendly alternatives (especially ones that include chairs). However, I have a more affordable alternative right below this model, so keep an eye out for it.

Overall, this is a great dining table that would look right at home on any patio or other outdoor area of your home.

2. Patio Festival Outdoor Fire Pit Table

It costs half as much as the Hanover alternative above, yet it still manages to capture two-thirds of its appeal. Although it is not a “real” dining table, this discussion set has enough valuable areas. It could be used as a dining table in an emergency.

The product is constructed of rust-resistant steel and is suited for use in even the most extreme weather conditions. Like the Hanover option above, this choice has a lovely bronze finish, further adding to its overall beauty.

The chairs are significantly lower in height than the Hanover option (as was predicted). Still, they are considerably more comfortable to sit in. When compared to the Hanover 5-piece, this Patio Festival offering includes comfortable cushions on which to relax your back.

When it comes to putting food on the table, this slight comfort advantage is negated because you are obliged to sit on the very edge of the seat to have fast access to the table surface.

It may appear that I am praising the unit, but in reality, it is delightful to use. You can tell it’s not a traditional dining set (and you can tell). So, who is this fire pit dining table set intended for?

For the bargain-hunting buyer who only wants a fire pit table and isn’t concerned with whether or not it will work as a dining table. Having said that, those who are dedicated can make it work.

3. Hanover Traditions 5-Piece High-Dining Set with Chairs

Here is the second item from the Hanover Traditions collection on our list! Instead of the slatted metal top of its cousin, this variant offers more table space. It is actually a couple hundred dollars less expensive.

It also functions as a full-size dining table with bar-height seating (matching counter-height chairs). The chairs are nearly identical to the original Hanover option, except for the color and height, which are different.

However, although having a slightly lower BTU output, this model provides an additional 700 square inches of useful table space. This is our top option among the best dining tables with fire pits in the center, primarily because of the obvious advantages it provides.

The only significant disadvantage I should point out is the lack of customer reviews. My only hypothesis is that this is a relatively new product on the market and hasn’t yet developed a loyal customer base.

When looking for evidence of Hanover’s general quality, though, you should look at one of their standard dining sets, which have received positive evaluations.

This model is highly recommended by me. It much exceeds any reasonable assumptions that one may have for what a fire pit table could be.

4. theWorldofpatio Nassau Cast 9-Piece Dining Set Table

Dining Tables With Fire Pits In The Middle

Those of you who fall into one of the following categories will benefit from this “World of Patio” 9-piece set:

  • A huge number of people in your family.
  • You wind up organizing a lot of outdoor dinner parties due to this!

To put it another way, this thing is incredibly massive. Because the fire pit covers provide over 3700 square inches of usable table space (when they are in use), you could easily host Thanksgiving dinner outside if you wanted to.

Additionally, this dining set includes two propane fire pits integrated into the table. They’re both fed from the same tank, and together they make for a striking visual effect.

The package includes two swivel rockers and six dining chairs; each chair has a removable seat cushion that may be replaced if necessary. Like some other models, this dining table comes with a natural gas conversion kit if your outdoor space is suitable for that type of cooking.

However, there is one caveat I’d like to mention. Some people have complained that the assembly instructions are not particularly useful. When putting the item together, the manufacturer provides a direct phone number to contact if you have any problems.

Lastly, “World of Patio” provides a hefty 15-year structural limited warranty, allowing you to rest easy knowing that they stand behind their product. This product is impossible to go wrong with if you are looking for an extra-large, 8-person dining set patio table with a fire pit in the middle.

5. Outland Living Series Fire Table

Dining Tables With Fire Pits In The Middle

In your outdoor living space, you can use the Outland Living Series 403-Espresso Brown Fire Table as a full-sized coffee table. An extra 44 inches long, this is a more oversized fire table than the one above. The unit can hide up to a 20lb propane tank inside. It has won an IDA silver design award before.

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The Outland table has a deep brown resin base that looks like natural wicker. It would look great in a country chic living room.

It has features like:

  • The 50,000 BTU burner 
  • The 50,000 BTU burner 
  • Frame made of aluminum that has been powder coated.
  • Chrome valve with manual control.
  • A glass tabletop
  • Filled with beads of Arctic glass

This unit is 100% smoke-free during fire time, and you can control the flame height and heat level.

6. AKOYA 50″ Dining Table With Fire Pit In The Middle

Dining Tables With Fire Pits In The Middle

There is no doubt that the Akoya Outdoor Essentials Concrete Fire Table is the centerpiece of your backyard.

It’s made of fiber concrete and steel and painted with a durable finish, according to Akoya, and measures just over 50 inches long. An output of 50,000 BTUs makes it suitable for use with either propane or natural gas (a conversion kit is required).

This fire table has a sleek, contemporary design that will go well with your other outdoor furniture. As an added bonus, there is no indication that it is associated with a specific theme (such as a cabana). In addition, the table comes with colored crystals, a protective cover, and a concrete lid rather than requiring you to purchase them separately.

While a deluxe choice, it is in line with other statement pieces. This is a luxurious option. There is no doubt that the materials are far more durable and resistant to fire than wicker. If you’re planning many outdoor gatherings this summer, the Akoya Outdoor Essentials Concrete Fire Table is an excellent choice.

DIY Fire Pit Dining Set on a Budget

For those seeking a solid, inexpensive DIY fire pit dining set that won’t break the budget, they can employ a “trick.” You can build your own fire pit dining set for less than $250 if you follow these simple instructions.

  1. Purchase a low-cost, functional patio dining set (or use one you already have). Set it up in the usual way.
  2. Purchase a tabletop fire pit that uses liquid propane or ethanol.
  3. The tabletop fire pit can be placed directly in front of the dining table.

Frequently Asked Questions are included below (FAQs)

Some people may have a question about the fire pit dining tables. Instead of making you learn the hard way, I’ve included the most often asked questions concerning fire pit tables in the following section.

Is Fire Pit Table Safe?

There is always a particular element of danger involved when you combine fire and people, regardless of the circumstances. On the other hand, are fire pit tables generally considered safe to use?

To which the answer is an unequivocal “yes!” but with one crucial caveat: The proviso is that “you must adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications and directions.”

What makes fire pit tables so secure? They are fueled mainly by gas, which results in a pretty controlled flame. Furthermore, gas-powered fire pit tables have a lower total BTU output than their wood-burning counterparts.

For a final point, fire pit tables are elevated above the ground compared to regular fire pits, which keeps pets and youngsters further away from the flames.

Can You Cook On A Fire Pit Table?

In general, it is not recommended to cook on a fire pit table. Only when the manufacturer clearly states that the fire pit table can be used for cooking would this be an exception.

More than anything, this is a matter of pragmatism rather than safety. Firepit tables are designed primarily for beauty and comfort rather than for use. If you decide to cook on a fire pit table, I recommend you avoid using grill grates and instead use a dutch oven or griddle. You don’t want to spoil the appearance of your fire pit table by allowing grease stains to accumulate.

Can You Roast Marshmallows On A Fire Pit Table?

If you have a fire pit table, you can cook marshmallows over it. Even better, the precise temperature control allows you to customize your marshmallow experience to your exact specifications. The experience of smoking on your patio will be both enjoyable and tasty.

I’m confused. You just claimed that you weren’t allowed to cook on a fire pit table!

Roasting marshmallows, on the other hand, is a completely different activity altogether!

How Far Away Does A Fire Pit Table Heat?

While many propane/gas fire pits can heat a significant space, fire pit tables often have a limited heating area. This is primarily due to two factors: the heater’s decreased BTU output and its elevated position.

In terms of BTU output, it is self-explanatory; but, why would elevation matter in terms of heat production? Heat rises, as you may recall from your high school science classes.

Because it begins at a higher elevation, it will travel a shorter distance to depart your approximate vicinity if it starts at a higher elevation.

What Can You Burn On A Fire Pit Table?

When using a fire pit table, it’s best not to burn anything other than the fuel that’s been provided. While it may be tempting to burn old mail or other waste on a fire pit table, the mess you’ll create isn’t worth the hassle of cleaning up afterward.

Exceptions to this rule are fire pit tables with a wood-burning fire bowl in the center of each. However, you should always double-check your local burn ordinances before burning anything, whether leaves, paper, or old boxes.

Listed below is a list of items that should never be burned on a fire pit table:

  • Wood (pressure-treated or painted)
  • Plywood/ODF/particleboard
  • Plastic
  • Styrofoam
  • Rubber
  • Magazine
  • Anything that emits a cloud of black smoke

How Far Should The Fire Pit Table Be From The House?

In most cases, fire pit tables don’t generate enough heat to constitute a danger to your home’s structure. Having said that, the general rule of thumb is to keep any source of flame at least 10 feet away from your home or fencing.

Take extra precautions to ensure that there aren’t any low-hanging branches or dry leaves that could catch on fire. Finally, consider purchasing a fire extinguisher and keeping it in a convenient location (just in case).

Can I Use The Fire Pit Table Underneath A Covered Porch?

I addressed an issue quite similar to this one in an essay on grilling under a covered porch that I wrote a while back. Generally speaking, it is acceptable in most cases. You do, however, run the danger of staining the ceiling in the location where you put it.

Not to mention that it increases the likelihood of igniting a blaze. As long as the ventilation is enough and the flames are kept at a safe distance from any flammable surfaces, you should be able to use it there. It is possible to use the fire pit table on a screened-in porch, but I would be cautious about doing so.

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