Best Retractable Clothesline For Outdoor Use

Are you looking to get rid of dangling wire that’s always hanging there, even when it’s not in use? Voila! The retractable clothesline has been the ideal answer for this issue!

This retractable clothesline lets you place the line just when you need it, rather than having it hanging about all the time. Our top 10 retractable clotheslines used for outdoor usage are listed below, along with the main factors to consider before purchasing and how to install them.

Factor to Consider Before Buying Retractable Clothesline for Outdoor Use

It’s necessary to think about a few things before purchasing an outdoor retractable clothesline. I know it’s only a clothesline, though if the clothesline can’t take the weight, your clothing might fly away!

It’s considerably easier to use a clothesline if installed correctly and has useful functions.

Length of line

For a variety of reasons, the length of the clothesline is critical. To begin with, the longer your clothesline is, the more garments you could dry at once.

This may help you save hours every day by reducing drying periods. Another reason for the need for length is for installation purposes. If you have got a 40-foot-long space where you wish to hang your clothing, make sure the line is a minimum of 45-50 feet long. Believe me when I say you want to avoid making these little errors.

Double Clothesline Vs. Single Clothesline

A double clothesline certainly caused many people to be happy as new ideas make daily living simpler for everyone. This innovative twin line retractable clothesline invention allows you to have two lines instead of one within the same body clothesline.

This implies that if you have a shortage of space on one line, you may fall back on the additional. Alternatively, you can always have two runnings simultaneously for greater hanging capacity, one for clothing and another for linen.

Not to imply that a single line isn’t sufficient, but I believe that having two may assist when you’re short on hanging space.

Is There A Locking Mechanism To It?

It’s critical to have a mechanism in place to secure your line. You want to be able to hang your clothesline in a variety of lengths. This is a standard feature on most clotheslines, and I’ll make sure that each extendable clothesline here on the list includes one.

Some include a wrap-around region where you may wrap the line to lock it in place, while others use a twisting lock technique.

The Line’s Quality

For your retractable clothesline to last as long as possible, you’ll need a high-quality line. The time it lasts outdoors is the difference between a low-quality line and a high-quality line.

A cheap line might drop if the wind blows damp garments, bed sheets, and other items. Your retractable internal system will finally catch up with this.

Its size will be wrong, and it may tangle inside, causing the system to malfunction. A line that cannot withstand weathering and typical usage may entirely break in the worst-case scenario.

How To Install Outdoor Clothesline?

1. Set Up The Clothesline Bracket

Fix your clothesline core bracket to your house or a convenient location. Simply screw or drill this component into a wall, a wooden post, a wooden fence, or a tree.

2. Connect The Body To The Clothesline

Install the mounting bracket that comes with your retractable clothesline. Depending on the product, it may screw on or tap onto the bracket. A removable bracket helps remove it when the seasons change or if it stands in the way of anything.

Next, calculate the length of your clothesline. Why? You may attach and unhook the string after using a retractable clothesline. The convenience of a foldable clothesline is unrivaled.

In any case, the length may influence where you hang the hook, which is where your clothesline will be attached and put up. You may have two designated hook places if you have a double line.

Your line will collapse if these hooks are not drilled in tightly. I suggest drilling into a securely fastened wooden post and fence and a brick/cement wall but make sure you don’t harm the structure you’re drilling into.

3. Attach The Clothesline To The Hooks

Now that you’ve finished installing everything, it’s time to connect your phone line. You may start hanging clothing as soon as possible if everything is done correctly. It’s never been easier to hang a retractable outdoor clothesline!

10 Best Retractable Clothesline For Backyard

1. Minky Homecare Outdoor Retractable Clothesline

Minky’s retractable clothesline is perfect for you if you require many drying areas. Two lines, each spanning up to 49 feet, can accommodate over 2 full loads of clothes.

This retractable clothesline can withstand various weather conditions, including rain, sun, and wind, thanks to solid steel wall mounts and a rigid plastic container. With a small grey design and a retractable line, this will stay unobtrusive while keeping your patio or garden open and hassle-free.

The mounting is straightforward, requiring just two screws & one clip. The design lets you keep the covering bed in place while easily removing it from the wall if you need to store it or transfer it.

This clothesline also has a maximum weight capacity of 55 lbs., so it’s great for blankets and huge loads. Because such a lengthy length tends to droop, if you need such length, you may also want to consider adding some support to the center of the line, and this will assist in keeping the rope tight and increasing the weight limit even further.

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  • a bracket that can be clipped off
  • All components are included
  • 27.5 lbs. each line maximum load
  • 2 lines, each 49 ft
  • A warranty period of one year


  • There’s a lot of string length in two lines
  • Exceptional weight capacity
  • The polycarbonate casing provides UV protection


  • Its extension makes it prone to sagging if it isn’t supported in the center.

2. Drynatural Double Line Retractable Clothesline

With many lengths, the Drynatural Double Line is an excellent alternative. The weight capacity is also adequate, ensuring that a quilt and comforter will be well supported.

Their ABS plastic enclosure can withstand any weather, and the stainless steel attaching hardware will not rust.

With its black coloring and rounded form, this clothesline will blend in well on a wall and will not draw attention away from your lovely porch and garden.

And, thanks to the extendable wire, you can be sure that your clothesline would not tangle or cause you any inconvenience. Because the length may cause sag, you may consider adding center support to reduce sag and increase weight capacity.


  • The casing is made of a tough ABS plastic
  • All components are included
  • 19.8-pound maximum load per line
  • 2 lines, each 49.5 feet


  • There are great lengths in two lines
  • Plastic clips are included


  • Weight capacity is reduced
  • Its great length makes it more likely to droop if it isn’t supported in the center

3. MDESIGN Retractable Outdoor Clothesline

MDesign offers a colorful and appealing plastic case unit for the retractable clothesline as another double-line alternative. The lines, which can stretch up to 42 feet apiece, are ideal for a household with a bunch of laundry running around the house.

And the dependable rope line will transport anything you need. Furthermore, the cable line is covered in a plastic casing, ensuring that it will withstand all types of weather. The plastic case and steel fittings are weather-resistant if you put them outdoors.

In sleek white & grey, this clothesline may be a discreet and attractive addition to an inside area such as a laundry room and garage. It also features a durable design that will allow it to be used outdoors for an extended period.

This retractable clothesline is simple to use and incredibly adaptable for anyplace in your backyard, with length, dependability, durability, and a gorgeous look.


  • Rope made of plastic filaments
  • Wall bracket made of steel
  • All components are included.
  • 2 lines, every 42 ft.


  • There’s a lot of lengths in two lines.
  • The plastic rope line is quite durable.
  • A lovely aesthetic
  • sleek
  • simple to modify


  • It’s a little shorter than other double-line choices.

4. SecureLine RC20 20-Foot Retractable Clothesline

SecureLIne provides a dependable solution that may satisfy your demands inside and outside your house. The 20-foot line also has enough room for a decent-sized load of clothes.

While it can withstand the outdoors for a while, consumers have noted that external causes it to wear out quicker. However, according to these tales, it lasted more than two years until it stopped working.

Thanks to its white shell and small design, it may be a discreet addition to any aspect of your house. It will not attract notice in the living room or on the patio. However, when the moment is perfect, it can perform such a valuable role in the most suitable area for you.

So if you have room inside or a covered spot outside of the weather, that would be ideal for this extendable clothesline. Even if the region is subjected to the elements, you can expect this product to survive for many years.


  • All components are included
  • 20 ft. 1 line
  • The warranty period of one year


  • The vinyl line remains tight
  • Line casing unit with a small footprint


  • Outside, the plastic is less resilient.

5. EAZZ 26 Feet Retractable Clothesline

best retractable clothesline

The EAZZ retractable clothesline seems hard to beat when camping clothesline. It doesn’t need any gear, and it’s as simple to set up as it gets. Simply wrap it around a tree a pole and secure it with the carabiner clasp. With a length of 26 feet, you’ll have enough room to hang stuff for numerous people.

It also includes a portable storage bag with ample gadgets, clothespins, and clips for increased mobility. It’s simple to keep track of just about everything you’ll need and secure anything from harm throughout travel. Furthermore, since the line is composed of a basic nylon rope, it may be used for various outdoor activities such as camping and fishing.


  • Line of rope
  • It also comes with a handy storage bag.
  • All pieces are included, as well as ten clips and twenty clothespins.
  • 26 ft. 1 line


  • With two poles or trees, you can easily put it anywhere.
  • Clips and clothespins are included, as well as a portable storage bag.


  • The rope is more likely to sag than metal or strong plastic lines.

6. IDIOMUM Retractable Clothesline for Outdoor

best retractable clothesline

The IDIOMUM is a retractable clothesline with high strength and longevity. The line casing unit and the line are made of ABS plastic, which makes them very sturdy, and it also assures that they will withstand a weight of up to 30 pounds.

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There’s plenty of room for your clothing, towels, and bedding, including a heavyweight capacity and a length of up to 40 feet. It also includes clothespins and all of the necessary installation gear, so you’ll have everything that you need right at your doorstep.

Compared to a few other items, the unit is a little larger. However, if you value excellent functionality and quality, this may be the retractable clothesline for you.

The fact that the line retracts and is made of high-quality materials means you’ll have a hassle-free method to hang your clothing while still keeping them out of the way.


  • ABS plastic is used for the line
  • All parts, as well as clothespins, are included
  • 30-pound maximum load per line
  • 40 ft. on one line


  • Exceptional weight capacity


  • Unit with a thicker line casing

7. Drying Natural Retractable Clothesline Wall Mounted 5-Line Clothes

best retractable clothesline

With one 5 line, Drying Natural delivers a solid and dependable model. There is more than enough area for many cargoes due to the length. Furthermore, a 22-pound weight capacity provides plenty of support.

Suppose you’re concerned about support and want the length. In that case, a central support pole will dramatically boost weight capacity and reduce sag.

The line and the wire casing unit are made of ABS plastic, making them exceptionally robust in various weather situations and under many use. You may use it repeatedly in an exposed place outdoors and be confident that it will continue to work.


  • The case made of ABS plastic
  • All components are included, as well as 24 plastic clips.
  • 22-pound maximum load per line
  • 49 ft. on one line


  • Long length with a weight capacity that is above average
  • Line casing unit with a lot of strength


  • Its length makes it prone to sagging if it isn’t supported in the center.

8. BESy Retractable Clothesline SUS304

retractable clothesline

BESy has a stainless steel variant with a few color. This clothesline can hold up to 22 pound when mounted.

Compared to other models, the line is relatively short at 9.2 feet. As a result, this item is not suitable for a home with a high volume of laundry. However, it’s a fantastic product for families that don’t have a lot of laundry.

It has a lock button if you want to use below 9.2 feet. With black finishing, no worries about the corrosion and rust.


  • Max weight 22 pound
  • 9.2 feet max length
  • Lock button for the 9.2 feet use
  • 304 Stainless steel material – last for years ever in moisture air


  • No rust
  • Save space


  • The length is relatively short.

9. GorillaLine Retractable Clothesline for Outdoor

GorillaLine Clotheslines design gives a lot of strength, spaciousness, & durability for inside or outside usage with only one line. The simple retractable line allows you to select how far you extend it, and with a maximum length of 13.9 feet. The plastic shell and steel are resistant to all types of weather and physical stress, such as carrying weight or being dropped.

It will hold any load you need for an extended time. It also benefits the retractable line, eliminating the need for time-consuming set-up and tangles while taking up very little space.


  • Made from plastic and steel
  • All components are included.
  • 13.9 ft. on one line
  • 40-pound max load


  • Modern design
  • Easy to install
  • Space saving
  • Heavy duty


  • The line is not long enough

10. JOOM Retractable Clothesline

best retractable clothesline

JOOM provide an elevated retractable clothesline with various distinguishing characteristics. First and foremost, the line’s ABS material and aluminium bracket makes it very durable, allowing it to support up to 44 pounds.

However, the line is relatively short with a length of 13.8 feet and a weight limit of 44 pounds for each line. there is still enough room and stability for large goods like quilt.

Another unique aspect of this clothesline is that it can spin 180 degrees. Thanks to its solid black color and modest proportions, this revolving function makes the line casing unit exceedingly unobtrusive.

Furthermore, the ABS plastic substance is resistant to all types of weather. As a result, you may place the line outside your house and be sure it won’t easily defect.


  • Color possibilities include black, gold and white
  • Wear-resistant ABS plastic that waterproof and rustproof
  • 13.8 ft. on each line
  • The maximum weight per line is 44 pounds
  • Wall mounted with screw


  • Weight capacity is high
  • Got 2 line


  • The line is relatively short

Final Remark

Because of the limited alternatives, finding the best retractable clothesline for outdoor usage might be challenging. Therefore, I hope this article will help you find your retractable clothesline for the backyard.


Does the retractable clothesline sag?

There is a maximum capacity for each spool and each line, and the line will droop if it is overloaded.

How much weight could clothesline support?

Retractable clotheslines can often handle between 30 and 40 pounds of weight.

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