How To Light A Fire Pit In The Backyard?

If you’re trying to figure out how to light a fire pit in the backyard, you have come to the right place. A fire pit makes your time in the backyard fun, warm, and enjoyable, and it surely makes a rewarding journey.

Fire pits are great features that offer the outdoors warmth and comfort. In addition, it will increase the value of your property.

Ask any homeowner that owns one of these; they’ll probably say that their most treasured memories with family and friends were spent enjoying their fire pit.

However, whether you’re using it to warm, relax or cook, you’ll never be able to enjoy it when you’re not aware of how to light a fire pit in the backyard correctly.

Therefore, I’ll help you prepare for many unforgettable nights in your backyard by sharing how to light a fire pit properly.

Outdoor Fire Pit Safety

When you’re faced with the possibility of a fire, safety should be the priority regardless of how big or small. Therefore, before attempting to ignite anything, you must first understand and apply the following fire pit security rules to ensure that you don’t harm yourself, your house, or those around you.

Take note of these guidelines compiled by Nationwide Insurance and the National Fire Protection Association:

  1. Start the fire 10 feet from your house or any combustibles.
  2. Pay attention to the direction of the wind before you start your fire. Always avoid fire during windy conditions.
  3. Be aware of animals and humans. Children and pets should remain 3 feet from each other at an absolute minimum!
  4. Do not use gasoline or other toxic liquid products to begin or maintain the flame. We will provide the proper fire starters to utilize in the following sections.
  5. Prepare to take out the fire at a minute’s need! We will also describe the best way to do this in a subsequent section.

Materials Needed For Fire Pit

If you’ve confirmed the fire pit you have set up is secure and ready for use, then we can begin assembling the four materials needed to start a fire:


The options for starting fires are numerous, and we suggest long-handled lighters or matches ensure the most excellent security and control.

Other alternatives, like torch lighters, are more durable and more efficient. Still, traditional lighters and matches will do the job for a minimal cost.

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We’re not talking about Tinder, the dating app, and tinder here is a tiny, easily combustible material that can be utilized to get a roaring flame going.

The most common method is to use dry leaves and grasses, shaving bark, and pinecones as tinder sources.

One of the options is using dryer lint. Dryer lint can be readily combustible and can create a wonderful smell in your fire!


This is the larger version of tinder. The one difference is that it aids in igniting the flames and helps keep a solid and long-lasting love. Small, dry sticks, fatwood, cedar, and pine bark are excellent kindling.


For the best outcomes, we suggest using the upside-down fire-building method. It is necessary to collect six seasoned and split logs of hardwood trees.

The broken and seasoned firewood will burn more quickly and last longer over round wood.

Make sure you have enough base at the bottom of fire pit and put something under the fire pit to save the grass.


Set The Wood And Kindling In The Right Place

When the materials you need are in place, you are ready to start building.

If you’ve ever tried to start a fire before, you’re aware that it isn’t so simple as throwing logs on top of one other. The upside-down technique is the most effective way to get the best outcomes in the previous section.

Step 1

Set up the logs in a parallel arrangement in a row with their barks facing downwards. This is the foundation of the fire, and you must ensure you have the wood securely.

Step 2

In your opposite way, put two additional logs on the log layer that is on top.

Step 3

Repeat step 1 on the top of the second log layer. It’s best to do this when the bark faces the outside.

how to light a fire pit
Image source: fullservicechimney

Step 4

Image source: fullservicechimney

Lastly, put your tinder and the burning fuel inside the opening in the middle of the firewood stack. Make sure to place the kindling first and stack it until it’s in contact with the logs. Set the fuel on top and more kindling over it. You’re finished!

This technique is not only effective when you are in the fire pit. However, it is also great for fireplaces and bonfires.

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Start The Fire

Now, you’ve completed the end of the procedure! Your firewood is stacked correctly, and you’ve put in enough dry tinder and kindling.

All you need to do is use the long-handled lighter to ignite the dryer lint.

It could take a minute or two to begin. Now you have a bright warm, cozy, and lasting fire that smells delicious!

How to Put Out the Fire Pit?

If the party is coming to an end or you’re in an emergency, it’s essential to be aware of the best way to put out the fire pit.

In most cases, it is possible to let the fire die by itself. After the flame has gone out, then cover the warm embers with sand, ash from the fire, or water. It’s possible to hear a sizzle; however, that’s not unusual.

Utilizing a non-combustible material and a stirring device, swirl the embers so that all are submerged in the sand, and ash remnants of water. It is possible to increase the amount if you need to!

Suppose you have to extinguish the fire as soon as possible. In that case, the elements mentioned above will be helpful when used in large quantities. However, you can’t beat a traditional fire extinguisher for the fastest results.

It is essential to treat fires regardless of size with seriousness. Before you even start one, ensure that you’re prepared to put out the backyard fire pit!

Final Thought

Outdoor fire pits make beautiful accessories for any backyard, home, or other location.

If you’re building one that will cost thousands of dollars or purchasing a smokeless fire pit for under $200 from a department store, each one serves the same function. They create a natural center of elegance, and comfort and make memories with your loved ones.

However, getting one is just the beginning. To truly enjoy its numerous advantages, you’ll need to be able to light the fire pit securely and efficiently. Once you light the fire, put chairs around the fire pit and have fun with your loved one.

I hope you get an idea of how to light a fire pit in the backyard by now.

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